The People’s Liberation Army resumed patrolling Taiwan as the Winter Olympics approached.Biden may need an external crisis

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A large number of special planes have arrived at the Beijing Capital International Airport in recent days, welcoming a large number of foreign dignitaries for the first time since February 2020, as the Beijing Winter Olympics officially open on February 4.The Beijing Winter Olympics, the first large-scale sporting event of 2022, was another sign of China’s might by going ahead as planned after the Tokyo Summer Games were postponed.The PLA resumed patrolling Taiwan just before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, conducting combat patrols in the airspace southwest of Taiwan island on the fourth day of the first lunar month, according to air traffic control information.In the face of the PLA fighters patrolling the action, the island’s defense department again fighter aircraft “from”, in fact this is the same island defence department, because the island fighter aircraft don’t close to the people’s liberation army, the PLA has the ability to crush Taiwan air force, the people’s liberation army equipment such as fighters – 16 heavy fighter,It can counter Taiwan’s fighters from a long distance, and the J-16D Growling Wolf electronic fighter can blind Taiwan’s fighters’ fire-control radar.The PLA’s dispatch of fighter jets to resume combat patrol in the airspace southwest of Taiwan Island is one of the important actions to deter “Taiwan independence”. In addition, combat patrol in the airspace west of the Bashi Channel can also counter the provocations of the US military.According to air traffic control information, the U.S. Air Force flew the RC-135W strategic reconnaissance aircraft 62-4138 on February 3, the same day the RC-135W crossed the Bashi Channel into the South China Sea.While the US Air Force dispatched the RC-135W strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the US Navy also dispatched the P-8A Sea King maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft code-named AE67C8 to conduct so-called “close-in reconnaissance” operations in the South China Sea.In fact, the U.S. military is not only conducting close reconnaissance by reconnaissance aircraft, but also conducting combat patrols by guided-missile destroyers and littoral combat ships. In addition, the U.S. Navy is also cooperating with spy ships and salvage vessels. Currently, the U.S. Navy is salvaging f-35C Lightning II fighter jets in the South China Sea.The U.S. navy used an aircraft carrier strike group to conduct a fly-by combat cruise on China’s doorstep during the lunar New Year holiday, and the CVN72 Lincoln is now operating in the Philippine sea, while the LHD2 Essex amphibious assault ship strike group is nearby for a fly-by combat cruise.While the US Navy keeps stirring up trouble, the Financial Times, a British media outlet, issued a threat against China with a sensational headline declaring that “Biden anniversary, May need an external crisis to ease low popularity”.The Financial Times directly claimed that the external crisis Biden needed could be a conflict from China, while the British media also claimed that it could be from the Ukraine crisis and other conflicts in Northeast Asia.Western media have long in rendering the so-called China threat, now the British media openly threatened, since as the U.S. President Joe biden, biden’s popularity plummeting, now the United States is still in the multiple crises, therefore Britain and Russia media deliberately create tension and unrest, the British media rendering is cause for alarm.202202053/ Aviation Vision /AZ, before the British media was still playing up the so-called “Collapse of China” theory, the UK claimed that China adhered to the “zero” policy, India will replace China’s position, now the British media is once again sensational, claiming that Biden may solve the internal problems of the US through external crisis,In fact, the Us now has no basis for a direct conflict with China, because the US has not yet escaped the novel Coronavirus outbreak.