Highlights revealed!2022 Henan Spring Festival gala to meet the 28th day of the 12th lunar month

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Spring Festival, family reunion.This is the most important traditional festival in Chinese culture, carrying the warm emotional memory in people’s hearts.At this special moment, the concept of family reunion extends beyond the “small family” to “everyone”, settling the deep feelings that the family and the country are one and the family and the country are united.At such a moment, the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala “Tiger Generates Wind in China”, in the name of “home”, will open the warm “year universe” space through AI, live-action interaction and other technologies, and accompany the audience to look back and look forward.The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala is produced by Henan Broadcasting and Television, co-produced by Youku and premiered exclusively online.The gala will be exclusively premiered on Youku at 18:30 on January 30, the 28th day of the 12th month of 2022, and broadcast on Henan SATELLITE TV and Daxiang News client at 19:30.In the name of “home”, the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala takes “home” as the core theme, presenting the special feelings of “home” in the whole evening.According to the creative team, the party adopts a big focus, small start, from family to family, home, home and home emotions and divergence, all the programs are original, condensing the Spring Festival body, heart, emotion, spirit of the theme of “going home”.In the musical Direction of Home, “Henan baby” Wang Yibo sends blessings to his hometown, and singer Zheng Yunlong interprets his deep yearning for home with moving singing.Over the past year, henan Radio and TELEVISION has made many explorations in its series “Chinese Festivals”, which are rooted in traditional culture and seek innovative expressions.If more “Chinese festival” series is constantly digging in the historical long river, let the audience intoxicated in and profound history and culture, in the Spring Festival gala, the continuation of the theme of “the tide” style, continue to strengthen the traditional culture and conception on chose to return to the present, based on the moment we are in, looking back and prospect, the party chief director Chen lei is introduced, the party,We can not only see the Spring Festival tradition inherited by the Chinese people for thousands of years, but also see the new folk customs constantly emerging and emerging in the new era.For example, the song and dance “Shenzhou Door God” combines the classical dance in Traditional Chinese culture and the action elements of martial arts with the popular hip-hop dance favored by young people. It takes the trendy Chinese style dance as the carrier to reflect the traditional beauty, power and trend of the show.There is also a children’s dance, Yellow River Clay Children, based on the national intangible heritage clay sculpture skills, which tells the inheritance of the root vein of the Yellow River culture.The naive children, imitating clay dolls, remind everyone of those innocent childhood “old days”.To women’s feelings of home and country as the core, depicting a group of heroines……The dance “Women’s Order” integrates the wonderful performances of Ling Yun, the inheritor of Emei School, and many well-known pop dancers in the industry, with both firmness and softness. Through the integration of dance and film and television, the narrative line pays tribute to the independent self-improvement and family feelings of women in different times.The song and dance “World Peace” specially invites lyricist Fang Wenshan and singer Zhang Yixing to co-create. It interprets traditional Chinese medicine culture with fashionable songs and dances, and creates a warm and dreamy visual spectacle for the audience through AI technology.Last year’s “Chinese Festival” series broke the traditional form of stage performance and created a new presentation of “Internet drama + Internet comprehensive”.In the Spring Festival gala, but return to the stage, the stage in the form of creative development, on the base in the form of stage performance + live-action deduce, built a more than 5000 square meters of scene, the multidimensional performance space, in the form of live interaction, tell a story as the main technique, is presented to the audience again a very innovative breakthrough feast of visual spectacle.Surprisingly, tang Xiaomei, Luo Shen and many other popular cultural IP images incubated in last year’s Chinese festival will all reunite, replacing the host of the evening party, and become an important series role.In the opening program “Spring Festival is Coming”, five leading characters, Tang Xiao-mei, Jin Gang, Luo Shen and Tmall doll, gather together and walk on the time-lapse street full of festive atmosphere. Suddenly, a door of time and space opens, and the five leading characters lead us through time and space to enter a wonderful and infinite “nian Universe”.In this “New Year universe”, we will closely follow the New Year culture to create a comprehensive performance: in addition to the innovative performance with song and dance interpretation as the core of Wonderful Tour, we also add crosstalk, sketch, creative performance and other forms popular with the masses during the Spring Festival, and boldly try the cross-border integration of various elements.For example, dance “Lantern red” in the form of dance structure of the lantern this Spring Festival symbol;The instrumental Music “The Year of the Tiger” presents a humorous, festive, laugh with tears of informal performance;Creative Tai Chi “Next Second” will use the philosophical thinking of Tai Chi as the ideological guidance, with the image of modern dance, will present “Tai Chi program without Tai Chi”.Luoyang peony, national beauty tianxiang, all show dynasty atmosphere.Dance “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance” gathered eleven top Chinese dancers, the interpretation of tang Dynasty bai Juyi, Di Renjie, Shangguan Waner and other legendary figures, a grand “peony appointment”.No matter what form the show takes, the creators say they have one common criterion when planning the show: “It’s about a subject that evokes emotions.”As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, the Spring Festival Gala has left many valuable cultural heritages in Henan province.The oracle-bone script found in Yin Ruins in Anyang, Henan province is the earliest mature writing system discovered so far in China.The dance program “Abundant Year” deconstructs the character “Year” in the oracle bone inscriptions, and shows the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature through the interpretation of dancers and wishes for blessings.When the wheat gradually formed golden wheat waves wheat bran rippling, people to meet the harvest, but also indicates the strong growth of tenacious vitality.The short story “The Elephant’s Wonderful Journey” combines Henan dialect and henan cuisine to deduce a wonderful story in a youthful and creative way.Crosstalk “High” invited “yu Yu” young crosstalk performers, personate as “festival” planning master, discuss the “Chinese festival”, competition to find “high”, a “high” throughout the audience, wonderful, in a happy and lively atmosphere to send everyone to laugh and blessing.2021 has experienced a lot, such as torrential rain, disaster, COVID-19, critical moments, ordinary people standing up and you and I helping each other. Such emotions are derived from everyone’s personal experience. The creators hope to soothe hearts, express gratitude and inspire confidence through the party during the Spring Festival.Play the thumb up for you, starting from in People’s Daily in a small office, through the two common intern reporter, through three story: an average of 60 years old grandmother to achieve your ballet dream when I was younger, open a coffee shop boss don’t forget to adhere to the Peking Opera tradition, his mind 90 after awakening lion young lion dance culture passing on…Looking back on this extraordinary year, reproducing those ordinary and touching moments, every effort deserves to be respected.The sketch “Don’t Talk about Money”, with humorous stories, expressed the past year, through all kinds of crisis, Henan people full of gratitude.There are also songs such as The People’s River and Mountains, Heart To The Distance, and The Pilot. Their grand and passionate melodies, inspiring lyrics, and magnificent pictures reflect the majestic power of a new journey with pride.Huhu wind China tide, happy New Year!In the world of “year universe”, there are so many more surprises waiting for you!Henan Spring Festival Gala program official announcement, come and see it!Left left left