Back in the day 06

2022-08-05 0 By

Time is always so fast, always so sweet memories.Whether you have been happy or sad, when you recall it, you will feel it is an experience. Once you think it through, you will regard every experience as the most precious treasure, which will broaden your mind and make you more mature.Primary school, junior high school, high school, university, all the way over, now recall the student life is so nostalgia, let a person yearn for.Perhaps it is the triviality of life, perhaps it is the responsibility of growth, so that every adult has become so tired become so unbearable.All the unhappy and suffering are swallowed, but always to show happiness on the surface.Maybe this is growing up.Recall primary school time, because of good grades, in the class all-powerful, speak clearly.Because study is good, all people have to listen to me, good students take the initiative to listen to me, bad students do not listen to me and dare not touch me, because if touch me must be their final disaster.Every time I play the game, I just join in, but other people have to get my consent to join.Perhaps this is the greatest convenience the world gives to those who study well.I miss those days very much. Now, if I go back to that society, I don’t know what I will do. I may work out and make myself strong, so that even bad children must listen to me.Now back in the past, always feel that their long too thin, dare not play with people.Maybe it’s time to get in shape and protect yourself.Soon to the company, there is no time to continue to write, had to recall the memory of the brain to experience the feeling of the all-powerful.Stay deep inside.