“Love you too deep, hate you too tired” covered all over with cuts and bruises she turned to leave, he was completely mad

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently many book fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly into the situation of book shortage.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.Today xiaobian recommend to everyone: “Love you too deep, hate you too tired” black and blue she turned around to leave, he was completely mad # refuse book waste # 1: “waiting for you in the morning wind” author: Yiding Yiya introduction: by the charm familiar male pursuit, you will promise?Li Yang Chen began to think that they can be motionless, but Mo Yiyan’s routine is too deep, his initiative to make her every day become heartbeat……Investor VS high school math teacher Outside: Evil nightclub owner VS hot female veterinarian.Guide into the pit: in two friends “forced confession”, Li Yang Chen simply said the origin of understanding with Mo Yiyan.Wu Jiaxin listened and said excitedly: “Fate!It’s fate!””The peach blossom of chenchen every year is much, you also don’t make a fuss!”Yan Zhuoling was not as excited as she was. After listening to Li Yangchen’s words and the attitude of the restaurant manager just now, I knew that Mr. Mo was either rich or expensive. Such a person, I had not been in contact with him, and I could not judge whether he was hunting for women or pursuing attitude, but obviously, she felt li Yangchen had no idea about the other party.”Ling Ling, this is different, you just didn’t see myself, this kind of man a look is the kind of dress has taste, strip and flirtatious man, with the previous different.”Wu Jiaxin is now a melon – eating crowd, the crowd is not too big.”Wu Jiaxin, I find that you are getting dirtier and dirtier. You even want to know what happens when people take off their clothes.”Ms. Ngan disdained Ms. Ng’s outrageous vulgarity.”You haven’t seen his inverted triangle!A look is the best!It’s not like the beer bellies or the weird gay guys at the gym.”Wu Jiaxin retorted vividly.”I see that when you give lectures to male members, you are certainly skimming off in the name of teaching!”Yan chow-ling poked Wu jia-hin’s forehead with her finger.Wu jiaxin brushed away her fingers and turned to Li Yang Chen, “Chenchen, are you going to take that?He was not an easy man to get rid of.But I’m more curious about your attitude.”In fact, she is also selfish.My best friend hasn’t been in love since he fell in love in college.And she has always felt that friends can not walk out of the shadow of brokenhearted, is not met let her feel the man, is not the first love has more unforgettable.Li Yang Chen smiled and said, “It’s you who took his card. I’ll give you his phone number later. If you are interested, you can contact him yourself.”Wu jiaxin took out her mobile phone and pretended to record the phone number. With a wide smile on her lips, she said, “Tell me if I contact him and give him all your personal information. Maybe he will give me more than a spending card!”Yan zhuoling twisted Wu Jiaxin’s ear and said: “You are betraying your friend for food!”Then he took wu Jiaxin’s consumption card and gave it to Li Yang Chen, “Chenchen, how to deal with this card? I know you must have a way.”Li Yang Chen had to put the card away, but how to deal with it, she has not yet decided.Wu Jiaxin and Yan Zhuoling roughhouse for a while, three people left the restaurant.Before leaving the restaurant, Ms. Wu went to talk to the manager again.Yan Zhuoling asked her what she had said, but she did not answer, prompting Yan Zhuoling to twist her ears again.At 10 o ‘clock in the evening, Li Yangchen just came out of the shower and was about to dry her hair when a wechat prompt sound appeared on her mobile phone. She opened it and found that Wu Jiaxin had sent a voice message and a video file to her.Li Yang Chen clicks the voice message.Wu Jiaxin: Do you know, Chenchen?Today, Mr. Mo’s background is not simple. He is the president of Huanyu Investment and a powerful man in Pengcheng. I asked my media friends to have a video of him.Li Yang Chen sighed, she this good friend gossip potential play incisively and vividly!After a pause, she clicked on the video file again.In the video, the man sat in the interview room, suits, in the face of lens, he composed expression, some questions on the edge, he will stand, concise, can be said to be the precious little word, can speak out every word, even through the phone’s screen, li Yang Chen felt from the powerful current of his body, the estimate is a wrist very tough man.”…The last question, estimate a lot of people want to know, mo is still single now, excuse me like what kind of girl?”The man slightly lift eyebrow, moment calm calm way: “see fate.”After watching the video, Li Yang Chen just wanted to send a message to the wechat group, the phone showed that there was a call.Glancing at the caller ID, it was Mo Yiyan.The phone rang for a long time, until the phone was about to hang up, Li Yang Chen pressed the answer button, “Hello, hello.”Probably rang for a long time no one answered, suddenly connected, there is no reaction, a few seconds, the man’s voice, “Miss Li, how was your dinner today?”The sound is low alcohol and magnetic.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second: “Mysterious president cold love wife” author: Qiu Sheng Introduction: Wen Ning’s 18 years old birthday ceremony, is a long ten years of prison disaster, in order to revenge, she should be the devil’s request, marry vegetable man husband, but do not want to…Pit guide: “hate, Ming brother, how you so impatient.”Winning’s face went pale, for she recognized the woman’s voice. It was none other than…Landy wen!”Aren’t you the goblin who seduces me?”Yu Fei – Ming a cuddle wen LAN’s fine waist, the hand restless up and down stroked.Wenning’s eyelashes trembled. She couldn’t believe that the man in the car was really her so-called gentleman fiance!That year, my mother’s family in Jiangcheng still calculate some inside information, so in her childhood to her baby, and the local famous family marriage.Wen Ning and Yu Fei Ming had also been dating on the premise of marriage, which should have been fulfilled after Wen ning turned eighteen, but was naturally ignored because she was in prison.Yu Fei Ming is wen Ning’s only boyfriend, she thought she would accompany the rest of her life, but three years in prison, Yu Fei Ming never came to see her once, she thought it was under the pressure of Lu Jia Yu Fei Ming can not come, but now, Yu Fei Ming is because with Wen LAN mixed together, so long forgotten Wen Ning bar.Wen Ning had also thought that Yu Fei Ming may have found a new girlfriend outside, as a true love of people, she is willing to bless him, but why, it is Wen LAN?Desire to be relieved, Yu Fei Ming satisfied the car, saw the woman standing at the door, leng leng, immediately, his face is a change.”The crisis?Why did you get out?”Is this sentence, Wen Ning looked at Yu Fei Ming’s face, and the same handsome memory, but his fundus had not had the gentle, only with obvious dislike.”Why, her?Murmured Wenning.Who is, perhaps she will not have this kind of people hit a slap in the face of the sad, but unluckily, is Wenlan.It was Waylan who put her in jail.”What, why, do you realize that you went to prison and I almost had a woman with a record as my fiancee, what a horrible black history that is?”Yu Fei Ming contemptuously looked at Wen ning, as if to see an idiot, “but for LAN LAN timely stand out, and I have been engaged to her, this consequence you bear it?”Wen Ning woke up like a dream, the fundus passed a deep pain, a push away her hand, originally, long before she did not enter the prison, they have hidden positions?Winning did not exert much strength, but Winlan fell to the ground and exhaled painfully, “Ah, my foot! It hurts!””What are you doing?Yu Fei Ming saw Wen LAN bullied, a wen Ning pushed away, his strength is great, throw her out, she fell when the wrist support, immediately came a burst of pain.Wenlan was helped up, “I’m all right, just accidentally, sister, are you all right?”Her voice is still so gentle, yu Fei Ming listened to the heart are soft, “she this kind of bitch has cheap life, strong, she pushed you down, forget it, don’t worry about her, I take you back to take medicine.”The man hit Wenlan horizontal embrace up, “Wenning, sense point hurriedly roll, otherwise, in a short while there will be security out to let you roll, you look at do.”Wen LAN in Yu Fei Ming can not see the Angle, to Wen Ning shallow smile, mouthed to her said, “your life, doomed to lose to me.”(Click on the link below to read the novel.)”Love you too deep, hate you too tired” author: the fish that loves to eat cat is introduced: “Love you too deep, hate you too tired” she of black and blue all over turns round to leave, he was completely mad however one year time is fleeting and pass away, Han Ziheng is busy as before the thing of the company, only what differs only is, he returned to the home on time after coming off work everyday,And every day let Wu ma change patterns to prepare xiao beauty like food.After dinner, Han Zihang went upstairs to take a bath, he opened the wardrobe and took out the robe, the robe has some old, obviously used for a long time, this is before xiao Beauty for Korea…Into the pit guide: a moment, a man dressed in a suit walked out from the other side, look at the appearance and Luo Xuetong have a bit similar: “Snow, just Han Ziheng give you money, how do you not ah?That’s a million.””This has what, as long as I squeeze tears, not to mention a million, ten million have, but I see is not this one million, but the position of han’s mistress!””Worthy of being my daughter, ambitious and ambitious!”Luo Ruihua put up his thumb, satisfied smile: “now Han Ziheng to xiao beauty disgust extreme, but we can not take it lightly.””I know that, things have to take time!”Damn beauty Shaw, she’s had her place for three years!She can’t stand in heng’s side, all because of xiao beauty this bitch!Luo Xuetong more think more gas, beautiful face ferocious terrible.”Cher, Han Ziheng can strangle xiao beauty, but finally didn’t have the heart to, what this represents, you can be clear.”Han Ziheng did not strangle xiao beauty, to their father and daughter, it is a pity.”Although we all hope xiao beauty immediately to die, but she can not die now, more can not die in the hand of headway, I want is headway slowly torture her, I want to let her life as dead, and finally like a bereaved dog was swept out of the door!”His hands on the wheelchair were bulging with veins, and Luo’s eyes turned red as he spoke.Luo Ruihua patted her daughter’s shoulder and suggested: “Snow, you still put on the prosthesis for you first, so it is convenient to deal with Xiao Beauty.”He said this for three years, but Luo Xuetong did not answer.”No hurry.”Mr. Luo shook his head as usual, but Mr. Luo had little patience. “Three years, almost. It’s time for you to take the position of mistress of the Han family.””Dad, can’t act too hastily, don’t say Han home doesn’t agree, you see now headway also didn’t divorce the plan.”Han Ziheng has not been divorced, is a thorn in Luo Xuetong’s heart.Although han Ziheng said to leave xiao beauty in the side to torture her, good to vent their anger, and these years, Han Ziheng also did, Xiao beauty empty han Home grandma’s position, but very miserable.But Luo can’t get enough, so she has to work it out.”Dad, we have to let Han Ziheng thoroughly dislike Xiao Beautiful woman, so, as long as he takes the initiative to divorce, Han home there just didn’t say, I can rightfully marry him.”Luo knew his daughter always had an idea: “Ok, you want it, but what are you going to do?”Hearing this, Mr. Luo looked down at his legs and suddenly smiled.”Start with my legs!”…Han Ziheng finished the company’s things, back to the villa, Wu Ma has prepared dinner, dining room, and did not see the figure of xiao Beauty.”Sir, missis came back and went to her room without dinner.”Wu ma thought of xiao’s look when she came back, and she was a little worried. “I think the wife looked very bad when she came back, Sir. Would you like to see the wife?””A man that big can’t die.”Han Ziheng cold a face, finished the meal washed a bath and then returned to the master bedroom.Master lie in, xiao Beautiful woman is lying on the bed, close eyes, seems to have fallen asleep, Han Ziheng striding over, opened her quilt a pull her up, and then rude pushed her out.”Bitch, from today on, do not set foot in the master bedroom!”Xiao beauty stood barefoot in the doorway, her face a little pale, she pulled the corners of her mouth, a smile full of bitterness.The morning of the second day, Han Ziheng was awakened by an urgent bell.”Son heng, can not, snow son had an accident!”(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?At the end of this article, you can see the comments in the comments section below, looking forward to your comments on the review: rebirth 70: Koi Daily Life, looking at the streets full of bicycles, she was confused…”The mysterious new wife of the Lord owl of a secret marriage” : Who wouldn’t want to have a big guy to protect you?Army marriage: “young handsome, serious point” have no good young handsome VS in legend timid as a mouse three girls, exceed lift up!