Literary criticism | “The World” : the world is boundless friendship

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CCTV opened a big drama “the World” broadcast half, the audience praise.Just like a mighty river of life, The World depicts the magnificent changes of national development and people’s life in 50 years of twists and turns. The boundless friendship between people in the film deeply moved and warmed the hearts of the audience, which can be called a spiritual epic of video in contemporary China.The so-called “touching people, do not forget feelings, do not begin to say, do not cut the sound, do not deep meaning”, “The World” is in this feeling, meaning and language reached a high artistic balance, highlighting the theme of the major reality TV series new height.The love world TV series that weaves the World from the light character film is good at showing daily life. There are ordinary World, Golden Marriage, Parents Love and other pearls and jade in the past, but the unique feature of The World is that it can integrate the above-mentioned magnificent epic with exquisite emotion.In the interweaving of longitude and weft, the epitome of urban development and people’s life in contemporary China represented by the historical destiny of guangzi film is cast.What The World wants to express is the isomorphic destiny among individuals, families, groups and cities.”Guangzi Slice” is a shantytown on the edge of Jichun city in the north, where there are wood factories, soy sauce factories, tractor factories, munitions factories and so on. Most of the families living here are the first generation of workers in New China.Among these families are the construction workers like Zhou Zhigang, the second generation of workers like the Six Little Gentlemen, and the third generation like Zhou Nan, Feng Yue and Zhou Cong.It is a synonym for glory and dream, and a synonym for confusion and hardship.TV series from 1969 weeks home children to the countryside for the story starting point, and gradually expand the 50 years of the republic of the magnificent picture of the evolution of development which involves to the countryside, three line construction, restore the university entrance exam, educated youth returned to the city, and reform and opening, combat corruption and build a clean government, and other countries and the social development important nodes and events, the historical destiny of the workers and the community family goes ups and downs.In this way, the guangzi film has a very typical meaning and has become a “sparrow” in the development of Chinese cities in the past 50 years, and the TV series has gone beyond the general sense of family story and become a real sense of “China story”.While focusing on the historical depth brought by the long time span, The World also expands the width of the story from the perspective of space.The light is like the dandelion’s receptor. as the people of the light start from here, they float outward like seeds.With Zhou Zhigang, we came to sichuan three line construction front ups and downs in the mountains;With Zhou Bingyi, we saw the snow Mountain farm of the Production and Construction Corps;With Zhou Rong, we saw the green landscape of Guizhou;With Luo Shibin and water flow, we have witnessed the rapid rise of Shenzhen.The diversified space constructs a story world like dandelion radiation and drift through the relationship between characters, strengthening the energy level of the TV series to contain social history.The diagonal lines from north to south not only depict the various fates of the characters in the play, but also the variation lines and strong and weak tones of the development of the country.However, in the end, those people who had been scattered from the guangzi film returned to the land where they were raised to witness the disappearance of guangzi film. This is not only the expectation of several generations of guangzi people, but also the fulfillment of the solemn promise of the Party and the government represented by governor Hao and Zhou Bingyi two generations of Communist party cadres to the people’s better life.”In the world” in the world, of course, not all harmonious beauty, also full of contradictions conflict, ideological confusion and complex human nature, but rare is the people in the world has not lost the persistent yearning for a better life, pursue, and support each other, so as to make this one in the world worth recalling sentient beings.Zhou family as the core to convey the good and true meaning of “The World”, “the World” gave up the legendary, to the perspective of people around the characters to describe the feelings of justice, creating a credible, lovely, amiable ordinary people image.Zhou’s father is one of the first generation of construction workers in New China, which makes him proud. He has spent decades working in third-tier construction, spending less time with his family and more time away from them.He has the assertive and ambitious expectations of a Chinese parent, but he is not a feudal parent.In his value system, the highest standard for judging people is “good people”.Therefore, when he confirmed Feng Huacheng and Zheng Juan is a “good man”, with his daughter, son.Under the premise of being a “good person”, the personality of zhou’s three siblings has its own color in life.Brother Bingyi has the ideal feelings of traditional intellectuals and communists serving the people.Faced with the historical opportunity to change his fate, he chose to be loyal to love;Faced with the conflict between his family and his father-in-law’s, he chose to understand;In the face of arms reform he chose to grasp the nettle;In the face of angry public opinion, he chose to endure;Finally, he took the initiative to return to Jichun completed the transformation of the light character, the realization of his father-in-law and his ideal.He is a cadre that speaks party spirit principle, but is not a screw of six close friends.In terms of his political personality, he was more like a song secretary than a father-in-law.Sister Zhou Rong is obviously romantic.Whether she corresponded and fell in love with a poet in Beijing when she was young, or married Feng Huacheng in Guizhou without saying goodbye, or divorced Feng Huacheng and remarried CAI Xiaoguang, she clearly showed the determination of unruly and love of freedom in her personality.The younger brother, Byung-kun, has the sympathy, tolerance and wisdom common to his class, and more clearly embodies the spiritual values of the common class.In the face of a hopeless Zheng Juan, he from sympathy to help the germination of the flame of love burning more and more prosperous, even in the face of the family opposition to marry zheng Juan without hesitation.He was not as talented as his brothers and sisters, but he took care of his mother and became the backbone of the brothers. After that, he opened a restaurant and a bookstore to buy a house, which also won his father’s approval.This “old pimple” seems stupid, put other people’s children as their own children, but also for this accidentally hurt people in prison for more than ten years, but this is an ordinary person to be a “good man” to protect their own family simple belief.Zheng Juan is also a character portrayed by the creator.This miserable life without a job to take care of the family of the weak woman, but have to love regardless of life or death.When she identified bingkun, regardless of regardless of pay.But Zheng Juan is not Liu Huifang apparently, face sun Xiaoning to own only family challenge, she has no hesitation to its warning.Zheng Juan with a pair of hands and a heart to keep the family, keep the happiness.So zhou mother said to her, he had bingkun “ji” is actually her Zheng Juan “ji” ah.The drama also depicts bingkun’s friends, as well as senior cadres such as Ma and Qu Secretary.These characters have their own character arc light, but also have their own values and moral bottom line.Even characters like Luo Shibin and Shui Artesian also reflect the dialectical logic of a certain level of The Times, and also have aesthetic value. There is no absolute “bad man”.They are all navigating the currents of history, for themselves, for their families, for their cities, for their countries.Their goodness and tenacity are the most valuable true meaning of the Chinese people for thousands of years, and also the most solid foundation for our nation and country to move forward steadily.Narrative speed and careful configuration of heavy scenes form targeted empathy in The World. The world lays a foundation for the artistic truth of the story with ubiquitous details, but what is more worth discussing is that the artistic attraction of the TV drama is greatly enhanced by the careful configuration of narrative speed and heavy scenes.In the 50 years, the TV series consciously selected some nodes to unfold, such as 1969, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1988, etc., through compression and extension to form the interlaced narrative speed, and also designed a large number of heavy scenes to respond to it.The beginning of the drama family separation, shooting prisoners and so on to take the lead.Later, Zhou Fu saw Zhou Rong in Guizhou, went home to see Zheng Juan, zhou mother woke up and other paragraphs also touched countless audiences.Among them, the Spring Festival of Zhou family in 1980 is particularly wonderful, which can be called the colorful movement of Chinese TV series.It takes five episodes to describe a story that lasts seven or eight days.On the one hand is bingyi parents-in-law in the problem of meeting with zhou family twists and turns.Her parents all dark various considerations, grasp the righteous and DongMei two people caught in the middle of the helpless, the governor of sudden illness secretary will lead to misunderstanding deepen, tea back to weeks of pride and lost, DongMei open conflict with mother, bing and adhered to righteousness, even had a collision adhered to righteousness and DongMei frank discussions, TV are compactly to performance,The conflict of standpoint values and emotional turmoil brought by the marriage relationship between a commoner family and a high-ranking family are vividly displayed.On the other hand, Zhou Fu led a family to go out to pay New Year’s greetings.Zhou Father because of his son and daughter admitted to the North of pride and show off, bingkun and Zheng Juan’s embarrassment, the neighborhood envy envy of the words, all kinds of small thoughts micro expression of the characters are captured through the lens and actors wonderful performance presented in front of the audience, stimulate the audience’s daily experience and resonance, let a person applauded.This play not only fully unfolded the relationship between the characters and emotional feedback, focused on the drama conflict, but also clearly presented the value orientation of the TV series: Bingyi and Dongmei, zhou jia and hao jia anti therefore more than a point of mutual understanding, and bingkun and father, bingyi is born gap, so as to promote the plot and characters of the TV series to continue to develop.This kind of artistic means of controlling narrative expression through narrative speed and constantly creating wonderful paragraphs is very wonderful, which requires bold artistic conception and skilled video narrative skills, and of course, high-quality performance of actors.Just because of this, The World expresses the ordinary life of ordinary people with profound charm, full of emotional tension and value appeal, which can avoid the “double speed viewing” of the audience.Author: Zhang Bin (Professor and Deputy dean of Shanghai Film Academy, Shanghai University)