How many Chinese directors committed to making good films will be dismayed by the fate of Zhang Yimou’s new film?

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These days about the Spring Festival hot search, some because the box office is too hot on the hot search, some because the film is too bad on the hot search, but also because the film is not good before the follow-up has become a dark horse.But the above several are not difficult to see during the Spring Festival, difficult to see is that some films are obviously very good word of mouth, but the box office is not ideal on the hot search.This film is Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper”, the experience of this film makes people feel very complicated.After four days of release, the single-day box office was less than 50 million yuan, and even the director came out hoping for more screenings, hoping to arrange the film outside the midnight show.Many movie fans couldn’t help but cry for it: even the official media spoke out. So why did Zhang Yimou’s film attract so many people to shout for it?Why is it so painful for so many directors committed to good films?Although Chinese cinema has changed audiences’ tastes over the decades, Zhang Yimou’s films have never worried about word of mouth.”One Second” in 2020, “On the Cliff” in 2021, no matter what the schedule, Zhang Yimou’s films always beat the odds based on word of mouth.Now this “sniper”, but also by virtue of the network praise of the super core word of mouth become the best Spring Festival.In sniper, I would say, Zhang yimou is not making a film, but a textbook.So what’s so great about this war movie?Before watching “Sniper”, I believe that no one thought that a serious war film can be shot like this?Two hilltops, a dozen men, a dozen guns, and a telescope.This is the main battle scene and configuration of Sniper, and it fits perfectly with the “cold shots” campaign in the background of the film.”Cold gun cold gun” movement refers to the winter of 1952, the Chinese People’s Volunteers and the United Nations forces in the Korean battlefield stalemate, the two sides launched a low-intensity intensive sniper war.During this period, there were more than 10,000 snipers in my volunteer army, and a total of more than 50,000 enemies were eliminated, which is unprecedented.Two of the most famous are Zhang Taofang, who killed 214 enemies with 436 rounds in 32 days, and Zou Xixiang, who killed 203 enemies with 206 rounds.The movie “Sniper” is based on the real history as the prototype, tells the story of sniper class five soldiers and enemy elite sniper team life-and-death confrontation, the use of flexible combat wisdom “to tactics” heroic story.But the main character of the film is not a person, but a group of people, a class to be exact.For those who are used to big action war movies, such a “small” war movie is rare.The film’s “small” is also reflected in the choice of actors. In addition to Zhang Yi, who comes out at the beginning and the end of the film, there is only one actor who can be named Zhang Yu.And the rest of the actors in the movie, they’re all raw.In order to find the right actors, Zhang yimou went through hundreds of other actors from the academy of Film and Television, and finally picked the ones for the movie.They entered the group for professional training in advance, and had one and a half months of closed military training. They had to do everything from standing posture and movement to shooting guns, from external body to changes in eye expression, as long as they appeared in the camera.When shooting, all the creators also shot over and over again in the -35 degree Celsius environment. There was no snow, so they just waited until there was snow. They didn’t slack off and cut corners at all.Because they know that the real history is harder, harder, colder than what they’ve experienced.Big film director, did not choose a high flow of well-known actors, but from zero, choose such a group of new faces, very dare, very wonderful.It turned out to be the right choice.These “raw faces” in movies make us forget their actors’ identities and remember their roles, which are easier to bring into the plot.In addition to zhang Yu, who has brilliant performance in the first 2/3 of the film, everyone in the film can be called excellent, such as dayung, who plays the most important part.Ohsunaga’s several crying scenes in the movie are very irritating.In particular, he knew that his comrades were wounded and fell not far away from him, but he could not reveal his position. He tried to restrain his tears but still could not help it.It seems that Zhang Yimou has nothing to say at this point.Zhang Yi, who appeared for a short time, contributed the biggest tears in the film, and his performance was very infectious.Of course, there is a more important reason for choosing almost all the new cast members, as Explained by Zhang Yimou in the previous interview: “In order to film a realistic war, the soldiers are required to have raw faces, which creates a realistic sense of documentary.”So, in Sniper, there are only characters, no actors.Here really can say: Zhang Yimou must “sober”, can let how many sky-high blockbuster “blush”?Second, how to look good?How to shoot a story well in a small scene lies in two points.One is acting, and the other is rhythm.As mentioned earlier in the acting section, this is mainly about the rhythm of the film.Note: The following is a slight disclosure of the plot.”Sniper” in the rhythm of the control, on the full embodiment of Zhang Yimou as China’s great director strength.As we all know, “sniper” in the overwhelming praise, the most prominent is six words: tears point, no urine point.The biggest success of a war film is that it can be made to keep people riveting when the plot is not complicated.Let’s start with the main story of Sniper.The story of the film took place in a humble corner of the war against the United States and Korea, liu Wenwu, the monitor of the five class received a mission sent by the company commander, to their class to the front line battlefield, rescue a scout called Liangliang.At the same time, there is a look at liu Wenwu there is the enemy of the lieutenant John, he accidentally found that Liangliang and Liu Wenwu’s friends.Out of the familiar with Liu Wenwu, he is ready to take liangliang as bait, capture Liu Wenwu alive, to their face.To this end, he took an elite sniper team, in the liangliang surrounding ambush, ready to a “encircled point dozen assistance.”The highlight of the film is the rescue mission and the game between the two sides.In this game, there is no one-sided super god stage, there are equal opponents, our side is a master, the other side is elite.Both sides are resourceful, courageous in the face of life and death, as well as fearful and cowardly in the face of death.Especially when the two sides snipe back and forth, the pace is divine.Aside from the inadvertent team loss in the opening scene, there are four high-powered battles in the movie: the big play, the tumbling duet, the exchange of hostages and the final scoop.In these four scenes, the pace is gradually tightened. From the ingenious layout at the beginning to the desperate throw at the end, the film is driven by emotion, which is absolutely textbook level.Among them, Zhang Yu as the monitor and big yong two people lying on the snow to find the target this section, without any BGM rendering, only the monitor in order to hit the target because of tension and heavy breathing, tension and pressure so out.Finally, when only Dayong was left alone, he walked through the snow-covered trenches alone. With music and editing, the “solitary courage” and “absolute” of the last battle were naturally created.At the end of the film, when the war is over, Dayong and the company commander and the new five class will meet, one by one to answer the call to the audience’s emotions to the highest, previously because of the tension of the war has been the accumulation of emotions this moment finally broke out.”Sniper” doesn’t get any less exciting until the last second.In addition, the movie is in the “how to build character?”It’s a good example.All the volunteers in Class 5, no matter how much part they play, each of them has a very complete personal presentation.Xu who wants to monitor the telescope, Chubby who wants to name his child, and Wang Zhongyi who thinks of his teammates all the time, there is no lofty arrangement, but with subtle differences, let us remember the characteristics of each person.With a total length of just 90 minutes, the film is the shortest among Chinese New Year films, but it is the most complete, smooth and wonderful one.From the perspective of rhythm, this is a film that is not afraid to reveal the plot, because during the watching process, the pressure and tension brought by editing can not reveal the plot.Third, Zhang Yimou’s “ambition” and the Dilemma of “Sniper” Since the release of “Sniper”, the sound has been all about the film’s praise.”It made me and my parents cry!”The film is unique in terms of actors, plot, emotional expression and core.So or that sentence, Zhang Yimou dare to take it to spell the Spring Festival, as expected is something.Zhang Yimou gives another way to solve the problem of making war films. War films are not just big scenes, they are not just explosions, they are not just crowd tactics.As long as we insist on respecting the real history, shooting the real scenes, being close to the real images of the volunteers, paying tribute to the most lovely people and paying tribute to the martyrs of the volunteers with the real portrayal, the war film can also complete its mission.That may be the ambition of Zhang yimou’s film, to expand the boundaries of Chinese war films.But what people did not expect is that even zhang Yimou, a director with such a high popularity and status, has encountered many difficulties encountered by excellent Chinese filmmakers.Four days after its release, Sniper has grossed a staggering 137 million yuan, ranking only sixth among Chinese New Year movies, even behind Boonie Bears After Earth.Here is mainly reflected in the disadvantage of the platoon is too big, “Sniper” platoon accounted for only 5.8%, the scene is also very “the underworld”, let a person see really distressed.How many Chinese directors who are committed to making good films will be dismayed by the “suffering” of Zhang Yimou’s new film?Anyway, “Sniper” should not only have such box office, Zhang Yimou and his film, deserve better screening and box office.Bluestone film | this old meng bluestone movie original content, please do not reproduced in any form without authorization