Exclusive Interview: Snow Elves in Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

2022-08-04 0 By

In the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, 96 female students dressed up as 96 snowflakes to become snow spirits falling into the Beijing Winter Olympics. “My hand is’ Croatia ‘.”Qin Song is a freshman in the Department of Chinese Classical Dance at Beijing Dance Academy. “This performance is our best ever!”Despite the cold weather, which made her fingers ache, she completed the performance perfectly. Qin Song recalls that their hand is actually a lamp. Besides the movements, the difficulties of the dance are also the accuracy of turning on and off the lamp.”If one person makes a mistake, 96 people make a mistake.”So, before the opening, she still recalled the action essentials in her mind over and over again. “Standing on the stage of the Bird’s Nest during the performance, I felt very excited and excited in my heart, and more proud of our great motherland!”Tan Song says tears welled up in her eyes as she stamped the badge with her hand and the “big snowflake” rose slowly.After the performance, Qin Song immediately shared joy and excitement with dad via video. “Before the opening ceremony, dad did not know which program I would perform, nor what kind of posture I would take on the stage of the Beijing Winter Olympics.But he stayed in front of the TV the whole time to watch the opening ceremony and join me in the celebration of ice and snow.”Li Yue introduction Beijing dance academy, the manager of the teachers, the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in a total of 116 students of Beijing dance academy, for the opening ceremony of the three projects, including “ice rings” “build a snowflake and usher.” since October last year, the students began to rehearse nervously, in order not to take the students of class time, training arrangement on holidays and weekends,We rehearse intensively more than three times a week.”Beijing Haidian, snow elves of Beijing Dance Academy invite you to the future together # Meet haidian Winter Olympics have me # Join hands to welcome the Winter Olympics With One Heart spend the Big Year # High Burning Winter Olympics # Beijing Olympic Games