Watergate Bridge, Wu Jing’s acting only worth 8.9 points?

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Five days after “Watergate Bridge” hit theaters, I don’t know which organization, released a set of data, “Watergate Bridge” six leading roles of the acting rating.Wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi scored 8.9 points, the lowest among the six actors, while Duan Yihong and Han Dongjun scored 10 out of 10.Li Chen and Zhu Yawen scored 9.6 and 9.5 points respectively.Zhang Hanyu, who plays Commander Song Shilun, Du Chun, the “Zhang Battalion commander” of the 20th Army, and Geng Le, the artillery battalion commander, were not available.After a TV performance, every audience has their own special impression and favorite shots, pictures and plots.After entering the role, the audience almost completely forgot the so-called acting level of the actors, and concentrated on the progress and development of the story and plot.Only the troubadour to the actor’s performance level comments, I do not know whether part of the people enjoy themselves from hi.Two. The first to chat about a joke there is a joke to do the personnel of the helpless: “you reason with him, he play rascal with you;You play rascal with him, he tells you about the law;You talk to him about the law, he talks to you about politics;You talk to him about politics, he talks to you about the state of the country;You speak with him about national conditions, he speaks with you about integration;You talk to him about standards, he tells you about culture;You talk to him about culture, he talks to you about Lao Tzu;You talk to him about Lao Zi, he plays grandson with you!You play grandson with him, he reason with you…”Anyway, you’ll never be able to keep up.Basically, after watching a movie, the average person will talk about or sigh about the fate or ending of the characters in the movie.But a lot of people with knowledge, level and depth are different. In their eyes, there is almost no movie story or plot. They often point out at a higher level that where the film is not well directed, where the actors are not acting well, etc.For example, in Watergate Bridge, it is clear to them which actors are good and which are not, and the scores are accurately calculated.Wu Jing is by far the highest-grossing actor in China with a box office record of more than 25 billion yuan.If his acting is not in good condition, I really feel that there is a problem with the judging standard.Wu Jing, born in 1974, made his debut in 1995 and starred in “Tai Chi Master” in 1998. During the TV hit, audiences in front of the TV set often surrounded a house and yard every night.At that time, I didn’t care if he was good at acting. I just thought the TV series was good.Now, he’s been acting longer than many people have lived.Wu Jing, 6 years old martial arts, solid foundation, quick, concise, clean movements.In the early days, he appeared as a young kung fu boy in costume dramas. As he grew older, he played the role of a boxer and bandit, a cold-faced killer, and then transformed into a tough guy like Wolf Warrior.By the time wu Jing, 48, was filming Watergate Bridge, he was already turning into a kind brother or a man of years.However, his natural military temperament and the spirit of blood struggle have never faded, but older and stronger, more and more popular.Wu Jing, in fact, his interpretation is not complicated, is to convey the spirit of all the way, all the way to fight against the attack, with the role of life interpretation of the meaning of the word “struggle”.The inspiration of positive energy is his deductive label.Gate bridge, we are seeing is a tough resolute and decisive appearance, inner warm simple led the company commander, his mission to fry bridge, safety, and the heart seven LianZhanShi love brother fate and never hesitate, I think wu brought this difficult difficult character position is perfectly presented.In fact, Wu a lot of exquisite drama, also very difficult, not the general flow of stars can fix.In blasting action before the water gate bridge, wu li holding brother WuWanLi shoulder, awkward and eye tears, eyes filled with don’t give up and attachment, words, and turn into just a few short orders, both show the elder brother to brother’s care, and reflects a general trust in soldiers, more to make the heroic spirit of a deep inheritance.From tough guy to old tough guy role change, Wu Jing does very naturally.In fact, as early as in “The Wandering Earth”, he perfectly showed that he did not hesitate to hand over the baton, touching and warm heart, “acting” is naturally on the line.In the Series of Changjin Lake, Wu Jing created a leading role who always has to move forward and give up decisively. Even if there are thousands of cares and worries, they can not tolerate the mother, contradiction, sorrow and softness, hesitation and wandering.Especially in the battlefield, we should dare to swallow all the results and brave to charge. I think Wu Jing has perfectly demonstrated the glory of the heroic image of generous dedication and sacrifice that we need to see. This glory is still needed to be recovered in our times.Watching Wu Jing’s film and television works, we suddenly aroused respect for the characters, we are deeply infected, spirit, qi, god inspired also followed, the author believes that this is the value and significance of literary works, Wu Jing did it.What is acting?Acting, an actor’s acting is often not the most important, more important is obedient to do, and the dedication to work.There is the setting of the script, the arrangement and guidance of the director, the colleagues who are watching, and the correction of repeated filming. How can there be the acting for self-admiration and fame?Someone has made a generalization that acting refers to an actor’s ability to use various techniques and techniques to create images.I think, lost the cause and dedicated to “skills”, often degenerate into a jinshi small skills.But Mr. Hong Shen’s point of view is much broader: the most thorough speaking, acting must always get the surface of truth, that is, always do personnel, say people!It means to have a principle, very simply, to be who you are.For example, Wu Zhenyu, who plays a bad guy, is really a bad guy, and does what a bad guy does.I can’t think of a more succinct explanation.In fact, “acting” two words, is not a commonly used word in the entertainment circle, who mention “acting” two words is generally not “acting” people.These two words are often used by male audiences to bully their stupid girlfriends at the theatre.If you don’t comment on other people’s acting skills, who knows you have the ability to watch movies and attract the admiration of your retarded girlfriend?The so-called “acting skill” that the great gods keep talking about is just an illusory concept, and no one holds the standard of authority.The older the actor is, the more he avoids “acting”.Those who had no chance to act were more likely to comment on other people’s acting.Wu Jing is a rare and excellent actor who has spared no effort to praise the sense of belonging of our nation, sing the main melody, transmit positive energy, and convey essence, qi and god with his works, giving us a chance to get excited.His works are clean, magnanimous, frank and atmospheric, and his characters are real and touching.So-called “heavy sword without edge, big qiao does not work”, compared with those grandiose and artificial “acting” school, people prefer this kind of simple deduction.Mr. Jin Ming said, in the hundred number of original first, welcome criticism and guidance, thank you for your attention!2022.2.7