Together to the future!Top 10 designer Ding Jie welcomed the Winter Olympics with children in the Bird’s Nest

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium today (February 4) evening.The opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympic Games has captured the most beautiful moments of 2022. Tonight, the Bird’s Nest stadium shines brightly. The spirit of heaven and earth connects, and the sporting feast of the century is a celebration of sportsmanship and a beautiful world.Adhering to the chief director Zhang Yimou’s core concept of “Flying doves of Peace” : “Ice and snow, peace and future”, Ding Jie, one of China’s top ten costume designers and winter Olympics designer, drew a magical picture of children experiencing the Winter Olympics in the ice and snow with scenes of clothing and clever details.In the lead singer children’s clothing design, designer Ding Jie will “Yu County paper cutting” of the region and pattern characteristics of the perfect ornament in this pair of wonderful winter Olympics skiing screen.At this time, the colorful paper-cut screen is vividly dotted in the overall modeling of the lead singer and children, with the warmth of winter in the clever, lively with the overflow of spring.Lead the nods eyeball pen of children’s clothing design, designers Cynthia effort study, demonstration, practice the colorful paper-cutting of yu county in hebei province, one of the host in the consent of the hebei yu county heritage Chen ling paper-cut works copyright permission, as a design inspiration, concise out the group of five vitality of ice and snow sports clothing children form, clever design from the page,The essence of “Yu County paper-cut” is perfectly embellished in this grand opening performance screen.The winter Olympics theme dance “Flying dove of Peace” featured 155 children from the lead singer of the Love band, whose costumes were designed by designer Ding Jie.As the children’s songs reverberated over the bird’s nest, they came dressed in blue and white porcelain.Designer Ding Jie integrated the costume patterns into auspicious elements such as “Chinese knot” for the Chinese New Year, and the image evolved into a kaleidoscopic feast of snowflakes. When the children danced happily, the patterns with overlapping deconstructed forms were like a three-dimensional dreamlike presentation.The dance shows the children’s vision for world peace and prosperity of the motherland in 2022.How to reflect the crystal clear texture of winter ice and snow, designer Ding Jie is careful and careful in selecting fabrics and materials. As a Chinese original designer, she has professional degree and sensitivity, and also feels the importance and mission of this design task.Cynthia collected from all directions of the hundreds of pieces of down jacket fabrics, selected a can bring ice texture and the design inspiration of matching fabrics with her, in order to three-dimensional vivid and simple pattern will show on the special texture of fabric, Cynthia drove to more than twenty printing factory, embroidery factory and other secondary reconstruction to the special fabric factory,Through repeated experiments and several months of repeated process experiments, we finally achieved technical breakthrough and fabric process innovation with the factory, solved the insurmountable technical problems in the traditional printing process, and realized a new printing process.In several kinds of process proofing screening, the chief director Zhang Yimou recognized and approved ding Jie’s simple, green and environmentally friendly clothing sample selection, and its process innovation texture and clothing presentation effect was highly affirmed.Designer Cynthia’s design work in anthem has the innovation in the design of children’s clothing and the embodiment of the plain, from hebei fuping county malan mountain Olympic anthem chorus of 44 children, in 2022 the Chinese year of the tiger such a special day in the most simple innocence song sing out the think of the winter Olympics better future and hope.In order to express the costumes and scenes naturally, the designer Ding Jie repeatedly designed in the scene modeling with her experience in space design, trying to integrate the solemnness, kindness, nature, simplicity and touching of the scene into the overall costume design.This group of clothing design inspiration comes from the Hebei Intangible Heritage “Yu County paper-cut”, the designer Ding Jie with the help of skiing children’s tiger hat and annual fish paper-cut elements, the carp jump dragon gate arrangement is broken again, the fish cleverly into the germy lovely tiger pattern.Costume overall modeling in front of the forehead, ruyi patterns decorated with Chinese knots woven snowflakes, meaning the winter Olympics greetings and blessings to the winter Olympics arena.Creative patterns on the shoulder, chest and trouser legs jump distribution, design technology with ethnic characteristics of the towel embroidery, simple and natural 3D presentation to reduce a happy Chinese year.At this time, innocent and lovely children dressed in their New Year’s costumes for the Year of the Tiger to welcome friends from all over the world to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, with the most childlike songs and smiles to bring the Chinese New Year greetings to friends from all over the world.This set of design reflects the chief director Zhang Yimou hopes that the children are wearing their own New Year’s wear, the most sincere, simple expression of welcome to friends around the world.Winter Olympics designer Ding Jie and her team have done an extraordinary thing in this extraordinary year of 2022. They work hand in hand to convey the joy of Chinese hospitality and welcome to athletes from all over the world.The clothes she designed, accompanied by children’s clear melodious singing of the Olympic Games song and flag, rose slowly in the song that moved the world, sacred and solemn, warm and powerful.Designer Cynthia is D.M ARTINAQUEEN brand founder, the 27th China top ten fashion designer, young fashion designers in China, Shanghai international fashion federation member companies, the first universal designer host competition gold award, zhejiang top ten designers, Chinese clothing association, member of China academy of art textile research institute outstanding fashion designers,Japan Institute of Culture senior training course international fashion designer.Full of love for art and design, reverence and respect for Chinese culture, and exploration and innovation of fashion, the designer strives to create a well-known international clothing brand that integrates national characteristics and avant-garde fashion.Temperament, fashion, do not break elegant, independent, confident, break free from bondage, stylist uses “should field dress” fashionable almoirah idea, deduce the stereoscopic and multifaceted new era female in an all-round way, encourage female to use delicate dress and high-spirited posture, wash lian in time, fearless, surpass oneself.With distinctive style, bold lines, originality and excellence, inspired by Oriental stories and wisdom, relying on fashion elements that blend east and west, and taking inheriting Chinese culture as its mission, the designer focuses on deconstructing and challenging traditions, exploring the tension of Chinese traditional clothing culture, and endowing Oriental aesthetics with new connotations.(Song Ximin)