Leiling twin engines sold 133,800 takeoff and landing 18,000 yuan

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The new Leiling promotion plan is as follows: the monthly payment for gasoline version starts at 1758 yuan, and the monthly payment for hybrid version starts at 2150 yuan. 1.Double engine version: 60% down payment, 2 years, 0 interest 2021 new Leiling in evolution, new TNGA1.5L series and double engine leading version;Using TNGA engine high-speed combustion technology, medium and low rotation strong torque + starting gear rotation;Realistic and pleasant driving experience;Lower fuel consumption, lower car costs!A variety of 12 models, more interesting driving, more cool, higher value from AE86, based on the TNGA architecture to create a quasi-L2 level of automatic driving, 100 percent of the standard vehicle network new generation Leeling.(The same grade and configuration, there are 185T and hybrid two different power combinations to choose from) Leiling double engine battery without worry, no limit of life, no limit of mileage, life warranty!Manufacturer certification sales consultant for your close service, GAC Toyota let you buy a car more at ease, ★★★★★ Car selection services to the World Bank, buy a car to Hefei World Bank Baohe shop, Hefei model model shop, car supply is sufficient, service 100% intimate, the integrity of your car service providers are trustworthy GaC Toyota!Intersection of Flourishing Avenue and Tianjin Road, Baohe District, Hefei, 400-140-4522