Vladimir putin ordered the

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Ukraine’s donetsk region will begin evacuating residents to Russia from Monday to prevent a large-scale offensive by The Ukrainian army and reduce civilian casualties, the head of the armed forces said on Sunday.On the same day, the leader of the civil armed forces in the luhansk region in eastern Ukraine also released a video speech, calling on all local civilians to immediately move to Russia.The first group of residents evacuated from eastern Ukraine arrived in The Russian region of Rostov on Monday evening.Within the territory of Russia’s President has ordered to receive into the refugees in eastern Ukraine Local time on February 18, Russian President vladimir putin has ordered, requires the secretary of the Russian emergency ministry agent immediately to rostov states, to provide guarantee to accept refugees in eastern Ukraine, and ask the relevant departments to each states into rostov’s eastern Ukraine issue 10000 roubles aid refugees.Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday denied reports by armed forces in eastern Ukraine that government forces were preparing to launch an offensive in the Donbas region.Ukrainian Foreign Minister Alexander Kuleba said on his official social media account that His country had no plans to carry out such operations in the Donbas region and was committed to a diplomatic solution.Ukraine has no plan to launch an offensive, the country’s armed forces chief said on Thursday.Zaluzian also said that the armed forces in eastern Ukraine deliberately deceived the residents of the Donbas region and increased tensions.He urged the local people not to believe the deceptive information of the armed forces in eastern Ukraine.A gas pipeline explosion rocked eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region in the early hours of February 19, local time.The explosion site is suspected to be a natural gas pipeline, the specific cause of the explosion has not been identified, the damage of the explosion to be confirmed.An explosion rocked the luhansk region of eastern Ukraine on The early morning of February 19, local time.Local media speculated that the blast occurred at a refueling station, and sabotage was not ruled out.An explosion occurred near a government building in donetsk, eastern Ukraine, On February 18 local time, RIA Novosti reported.Armed rebels in eastern Ukraine shelled a kindergarten and a school in donbas on February 17, local time, the Guardian reported.’We were all anxious and panicky,’ residents said in interviews. ‘We thought the war had started.’However, the civilian armed forces in eastern Ukraine said on The 17th that the Ukrainian military statement that the so-called “kindergarten attack” is false news.(Original title: Wudong residents evacuate!Putin orders!)Source: CCTV news, reference news editor: Su Wen proofread: Jiao Cang supervisor: Lang Jian Regulus this MLM organization was carried out tomorrow, Russia big action back money!Booking good news from today!These people’s meals, arranged by the state!The order is, “Close the U.S. Embassy!”Stay tuned!