The 2.0t Jetto X90 zilong equipped with Kunpeng Power has been officially launched on February 28th

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Jetto Motor’s new midsize SUV, Jetto X90, has been officially launched on February 28.It is reported that the location of this press conference is specially chosen in Zhejiang Hengdian town.In Hengdian town area, there is the Name of Chinese Hollywood Hengdian World Studios can be said to be a household name, TV dramas “Romance of The Three Kingdoms”, “Wu Shen Zhao Zilong” and so on have been shot here.It can be said that many of Zhao Zilong’s screen images were born here, and the spread of film and television works has made the public further understand the popularity of “Chang Shan Zhao Zilong”.On the one hand, the product name and Zhao Zilong heroic image perfect fit, on the other hand, the new car will rely on excellent product strength, show Zhao Zilong “always win general” elegant style, lead the Jieway automobile brand upward, for users to bring beyond the expectation of product experience.With the name of Valkyur, Jiatu X90 Zilong is the first model of Jiatu auto equipped with Chery Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine. Relying on the product strength of “handsome, brave and clever”, jiatu X90 zilong aims to provide a travel solution of “enjoy life and enjoy travel” for every family striving for a better life.It is reported that this kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine is the culmination of chery’s 24-year engine research and development. It can generate a maximum power of 187kW and peak torque of 390N·m, achieve 100km acceleration in 8 seconds, and achieve a thermal efficiency of 38%, giving consideration to both power performance and economy.At the same time, Jieway X90 Zilong selected 118 kinds of environmental protection interior materials, equipped with CN95 high-efficiency filter element, dual-channel laser PM2.5 sensor and anion fresh air system, for users to create “maternal and child health cabin”;And through Qualcomm Snapdragon high-performance chip, Tencent Ecology, sensetime DMS driver monitoring system and OMS passenger monitoring system, to create the leading “intelligent health ecological cabin” at the same level.Present, express way X90 son dragon is still in the pre-sales phase, the user can in the road car Tmall official flagship store and offline dealers under the double channel order, enjoy zero down payment/zero interest, vehicle lifetime warranty, life-long free flow, lifelong free booking policy, such as intelligent FOTA upgrade covers the whole life cycle of user car, car, car ownership, etc, allows users to “home”.It is worth mentioning that express road car with five tiger general zhaoyun as the prototype, is designed for rapid way X90 son dragon make the cartoon image of IP, not only vividly back to cao cao killed seven in seven out of the white teenager, but also to the express way car younger with the attributes of the tide brand genes, can also assign the express way X90 son dragon emotional elements, set up a bridge of communication with the user.As a flagship SUV, Jetto X90 Zilong has achieved comprehensive progress in the three strengths of “handsome, brave and resourcefully” by virtue of the new generation of family style design language of hui City, powerful and balanced 2.0T surging power of Kunpeng and the leading “intelligent, healthy and ecological cabin” at the same level, restoring the unique style of Zilong.Jiatu X90 Zilong is not only leading jiatu automobile brand up to carry the great strength, but also will exceed the expected product value activity time from March 28, 2022 to March 31, 2022