Peking University and Huairou Science City come with good news!

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Question → What do Peking University and Huairou have in common?Answer: Huairou Science City!There they are with the good news!Peking University’s participation in the construction of multi-mode cross-scale biomedical imaging facilities in Huairou Science City and the three major infrastructure projects of Beijing Laser Accelerated Innovation Center light element Quantum materials cross platform will be completed in full this year!In addition with dense medical center of Peking University molecular imaging and medical diagnostic probe innovation platform and so on are also promoting future landing in huairou Beijing university academic city building solving key core technology, xintiandi and three major projects of dense medical center sounds very arcane look down these explanations to help you understand more modal biomedical imaging facilities across the scale of contemporary society,A mobile phone is an alternative to a professional camera.And for the microscopic cells in our bodies, multi-mode, multi-scale biomedical imaging facilities will allow us to “take pictures” of them in finer detail, allowing us to see them more clearly than ever before.The multi-mode cross-scale biomedical imaging facility covers nine orders of magnitude of super-large scale range from molecules to humans, realizing functional, molecular and structural and morphologic imaging, and providing cross-scale visual depiction and accurate measurement of the structure and function of living organisms.How to analyze life activities and major diseases through multi-modal cross-scale imaging has always been a major scientific problem faced by life science and medicine. Imaging facilities will also try to solve the mysteries of life and disease.Compared with traditional accelerators, laser acceleration is like pressing the “fast forward button”, so that particles run out of a new “acceleration”.The interaction between ultra-short and ultra-strong laser and plasma can generate an acceleration field much higher than that of traditional accelerators, and accelerate particles to high energy in micron scale, providing a possibility for a new miniaturized proton therapy device in the future.Beijing Laser Acceleration Innovation Center focuses on the generation of laser-driven high-energy charged ion beam and its research in fusion energy, space radiation simulation, biological irradiation and ultrafast ion beam application, promoting the intersection and integration of laser accelerator with energy, space, biology and materials.To provide conditions for the research of important scientific issues in radiation medicine, frontier physics, nuclear energy sustainability, advanced materials and other fields.Light element quantum materials cross platform hydrogen, helium, lithium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen……These light elements active in the forefront of the periodic table will be transformed into quantum materials, which can not only “slim down” various quantum physics technologies, but also give birth to new quantum effects that will change our production and life.The light element Quantum Material Cross platform aims at the unique physical properties of elements in the first three cycles of the periodic table of elements, explores novel light element materials based on quantum effects, realizes accurate measurement and regulation of quantum physical properties, and applies them to the research and development of related devices.Once completed, the platform will play a role in the exploration of disruptive materials and technologies, as well as the application and mining of related quantum phenomena in the fields of energy, environment, information and biology.In December 2019, PKU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with miyun District People’s Government to jointly promote the construction of Huaimi Medical Center and supporting projects in the East part of Huairou Science City (Miyun).After more than two years of development, huaimi Medical Center construction has made progress.With dense medical center around to create a world-class medical education, frontier cross conversion of research and innovation center, training high-level medical talents, the power of medical science and technology innovation to realize the integration of teaching, scientific research, clinical research platform and related institutions, will be in new drug research and development, medical equipment, key technology and other fields to carry out the research.We look forward to the successful completion of these major projects in the future huairou Science City will bring us more good news, we wait and see!Forge ahead, new journey, new era, spread your wings and take off!Source: Intern reporter He Rui editor Wang Wenmiao graphic editor: Yang Rui