Japanese food brands face Challenges from China

2022-07-17 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday this year, high-end strawberries sold well in Shanghai. Japanese food brands have been “eaten up” by China, even though agricultural exports to China exceeded 1 trillion yen.One of them is the “confidante” strawberry that many Japanese are familiar with, but which is not imported from Japan.A fruit salesman said, “The Japanese variety ‘Blush’ strawberry is very popular and sold out quickly due to its good quality despite its high price.”Premium grapes, such as “Sunshine Rose” grapes, are also popular with Chinese consumers.But these “beauty” strawberries and “sunshine Rose” grapes are not imported from Japan, but grown in China.The scale of Japanese fruit growing in China is beyond our imagination.According to statistics, China has 53,000 hectares of “sunshine Rose” grape and 44,000 hectares of “Beauty” strawberry.China is now the world’s largest strawberry grower.China’s strawberry exports are also growing, rising from 1,291 tons in 2014 to 5,815 tons by 2020.Notably, the largest export destination for Chinese strawberries is Japan (20%), where most frozen strawberries and jams sold in Japanese supermarkets come from China.China’s strawberry planting has achieved such a big development, mainly due to technical exchanges between China and Japan.The top three strawberry producers in China are Liaoning, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces.Japan’s total exports of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products and food products to China will exceed 1 trillion yen (about 55 billion yuan) in 2021, but as many Japanese agricultural products are grown and grafted in China, and their quality is similar to that of Japan, Japanese food brands will face more challenges.(Translated by Himeji xiaoxia and Zeng MAO)