City disease control authority answer: community health monitoring personnel can go out?

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Keep a safe distance from others.What epidemic prevention requirements did Shenyang put forward for people from key areas to shenyang?Can community health monitors go outside?On January 27, Lian Zhiyong, director of the Emergency Management Office of Shenyang Center for Disease Control and Prevention, answered questions related to epidemic prevention and control.Q: What are the management measures for shenyang returnees from key areas?A: All personnel from key control areas to Shenyang shall be quarantined for medical observation. The period of quarantine shall be 14 days after arrival (return), during which nucleic acid tests shall be conducted twice.In key areas of concern, personnel coming or returning to Shenyang will undergo nucleic acid test and 14-day health monitoring;After arriving in Shenyang, people from outside or returning to Shenyang should report their negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours to communities (villages), work units and hotels. They should receive nucleic acid test at the first time and do health monitoring. They should not go out, gather or eat together when it is not necessary.If failure to report or implement relevant prevention and control measures affects epidemic prevention and control work, relevant legal responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with the law.Q: Can community health monitors go outside?A: Community health monitoring personnel and health follow-up personnel should not go out unless necessary. If they do need to go out due to special circumstances, they should strictly wear masks and other protective measures, keep a certain distance from others, and do six “do not” : do not take subway, bus and other public transportation.Do not eat out in public;Do not take a walk in the community, walk pets and go out to watch movies, plays and exhibitions;Do not receive visitors, attend parties, lectures and other crowd gathering activities;Do not go to shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, restaurants and other crowded places;Do not go to theaters, chess and card rooms, KTV, script killing, escape rooms and other closed environment.Shen Daily omnimedia reporter: Fan Hua Photography: Li Hao