Beijing really does not have meritorious person culture, has no value to abandon directly?But this time you’re thinking too much

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Is it true that Beijing team has no meritorious servant culture?Just throw away players when they have no value?But this time you’re thinking too much!Although in terms of the loss of players, Beijing team does not like guangdong team in place, but they do not treat the team’s hero as everyone imagined, with direct abandonment!For example, if it were not for his injury problems, the Beijing team would not have agreed to his departure.But did the Beijing team really realize the importance of its heroes?Below, with basketball younger brother together to see!Beijing were credited with clean, however, as long as the mention of the word “hero”, all the fans for the first time recalled was the winning team, run after the Beijing power, but when Qin Xiaowen began cleaning action against veteran, kind of problem not only brought a glimmer, exploits foreign aid marbury has been marginalized, until leave.But this is still not over, even Sun Yue and Li Gen these two core players have also left the team.On this point, many black fans will be on the Beijing team to treat the hero with contempt.Because, this pile pile in the past is also to verify the Beijing team to the core concept of interest, as long as the value of the player is used, that sorry, which cool which stay!Qin Xiaowen continues to solve the problem of aging main force but is this the truth of the matter?But it didn’t turn out that way!Because qin Xiaowen took charge of the Beijing team, she was keen to find that they had a very difficult problem at that time, that is, the problem of aging players is particularly serious, especially as the main foreign aid Marbury, at that time he has reached the age of 37.If Qin xiaowen does not solve this problem, then the Beijing team will not be long, they will inevitably fall into the clouds.As for meritorious coach Min Lulei’s retirement?That is also because Qin Xiaowen wants to let Beijing team produce new changes, because opponents almost put Min Lulei’s employing habits and tactics are thoroughly studied!Beijing has been revitalized, but if the Beijing team wants to make a new change, it becomes necessary to change the coach!But in the subsequent seasons of the Beijing team, Qin was clearly on the right track.Zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo and Zhu Yanxi and other core of the new generation has been able to carry the girder of the Beijing team.And Yanis also according to the characteristics of the Beijing team for them to develop a fit extremely high defensive counterattack tactics!As recently as the 2019-20 season, they were so close to returning to the Finals.Through this we can obviously see, Qin Xiaowen’s decision is obviously right, that is to vigorously explore and cultivate the next generation of Beijing team core main force!As for the problem of veterans, since the purge, the Beijing Team has rarely seen key players leave the team. For example, even though liu Xiaoyu, the main point guard of Beijing Team, experienced a big injury that led to a sharp decline in his condition, the Beijing Team still did not give up him.Even if he didn’t help The Beijing team reach the top again after joining the team, his contribution was noticed by the senior management of the Beijing Team.It was in the 2019-20 season that he teamed up with Jeremy Lin and others to maximize Beijing’s counter-attacking prowess and make it all the way to the semifinals.But this is just a beginning for Beijing team!Even though The Beijing team fell into a slump in the following two seasons, Qin’s goal of winning the championship remained unchanged.Even in the first two stages of the competition, the Beijing team came out on a limb, but they upset the strong teams of Guangdong, Liaoning, Zhejiang and Shanghai.But in the second stage Beijing still has a very special case, that is the weakness, small foreign aid Jeremy state outside Canada and xiao-yu liu’s injury, this also let Beijing outside power took a hit, even if small perimeter offense output ability of foreign aid brown very well, but he is with Beijing to cooperate the disjointed problem exists.But this is a question that his younger brother can think of. Can brown think of himself?He must be aware of the seriousness of the problem, and in the window of time, he will have to work with the team at a deeper level and try to fit in better.As long as he helps Beijing finish the season with a title, not only will he gain a more important tactical position with Yanis, but he will also attract the attention of other top teams, which could be very helpful for his development in the CBA. Brown already knows what to do.When the third stage comes, his performance on the track will definitely have a qualitative change!Beijing meritorious servant culture is very strong as to say that Beijing team really does not have meritorious servant culture?Then you really think more, like Fang Shuo, Liu Xiaoyu, Zhai Xiaochuan and Zhu Yanxi these core players, Beijing team can not mistreat them, even Hamilton this big foreign aid, Beijing team is at all costs to re-sign it!As for fan Ziming and Li Muhao, who joined the team later, the Beijing team is providing them with a generous salary.From here can see, doubt Beijing team has no meritorious servant culture, this is pure nonsense!What do you think about that?# Shougang Men’s Basketball # Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to sports basketball brother