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The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, and the flavor of the Spring Festival is getting stronger and stronger. Everyone has the customs of the Spring Festival that he misses most.Because years, is human, is homesickness, is the memory of the most warm taste.What is the Flavor of The New Year believe that everyone has their own exclusive memory is mother made new clothes new shoes is father cooked the table of good dishes……Can not tear the traces of the old couplet is the joy of reunion after a long separation……Today, xiaobian take you to understand the four division Yining reclamation area police memory of the taste of the New Year let’s see what you are familiar with the memory Yang Jun, Yi Qun police station Yining city “Taste of the New Year”, there is an old saying is so, children, children, you do not greedy, after the Laba is the year.Children are in charge of slobbering and counting the days as adults prepare for lunar New Year gifts and slaughter pigs and chickens.At that time, spiritual life and material life are still quite scarce, the Chinese New Year not only have delicious, can satisfy cravings, but also very fun.There are many places to perform movies and sing tunes (local operas). You can set off firecrackers and pay New Year’s greetings.If you have new clothes or shoes for the New Year, don’t mention how happy you are, and you can also watch the fun.As the police this special group, work these years, the flavor of the Year is waiting in the reception station, shuttle in the streets and lanes, rush about in the scene of the case, where there is a police situation, where there is a busy police figure.I hope that in this festival of universal celebration and reunion, people will understand more, society will be harmonious and peaceful, and people will be happy and healthy!My hometown is in Sichuan, which is known as the international food capital. Although I grew up in Xinjiang, my passion for food remains unchanged.Approaching the Chinese New Year, as the people’s police, adhere to the holiday on duty, preparation is unable to go home for the Chinese New Year, can only leak a small hand at home to make a delicious meal to treat themselves (this is the key, quick stamp above, treasure boy).Although this year has no relatives around, but there is a group of not relatives like relatives of the public security comrade-in-arms together, in order to protect social stability and long-term peace, for all people can lead a peaceful and peaceful year and load forward feel proud!Wish my parents a happy New Year!I wish all the police brothers on the front line happy holidays and good health!When I was young, I looked forward to the Chinese New Year every day. The whole family would set off firecrackers together to worship the ancestors and pray for a smooth and prosperous New Year.In the afternoon, every family pasted festive couplets to welcome the New Year and celebrate a new beginning.Children can’t wait to take a bath, put on beautiful new clothes, in front of the door flat play.Meal time, mother busy for the whole family to do a rich meal, old and young sitting around the table, a happy atmosphere of family reunion, the younger generation for the elders toast a glass of wine, wish the elders good health, the elders put delicious clip to the younger generation, I hope the younger generation work smoothly in the New Year.After the meal, everyone took out red envelopes and gave them to their elders and children, meaning to convey good wishes.In the evening, the whole family fireworks together, the sound of the salute mixed with the cheers of children, very lively, the fireworks shining in the night, as if to bring people new hope.When I was a child, I thought that the ceremony of The Spring Festival and the punching of various items were the unique taste of the New Year. Now I finally understand that the happy atmosphere of the family is the best taste of the New Year.Peng Zhengxu, Ahe Qi Police Station, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province In my memory, the taste of the New Year in my hometown starts from the twelfth lunar month, and the New Year is full of red.Fu character red, Spring Festival couplets red, red envelope red, new outfit red, smiling face red, red to meet a happy New Year.Before the police every year 30 morning I will help mom and dad stick couplets, stick after the couplets and sister hang red lanterns on the window, the whole family to prepare the New Year’s eve dinner, after eating the reunion dinner, began to shou Sui.”Alone in a foreign land for a stranger, every festival times times miss relatives”, after work, missed the family dinner, but in the fourth division of the Corps felt a different taste of the New Year.The brothers of the police station make dumplings together, stick Spring Festival couplets, pray together tonight without police became the annual New Year’s Day reservation project, and in the disposal of a number of disputes police situation, the production of a number of records, take off the equipment, we also finally relieved to “pass”.In the future every year, I will always stick to the post together with my comrade-in-arms, and jointly protect the beautiful fourth Division.The Spring Festival is approaching. When you think of the Spring Festival and mention the Spring Festival, what you remember most is the Spring Festival in the police station.The week before the New Year, the police station is very busy, we are busy with the work at hand, while cleaning up the police station, hanging red lanterns, pasting couplets, preparing firecrackers meaning the Spring Festival, the old year and the new…Of course, there is the most important New Year’s Eve dinner, a few nights ago, the canteen lights are always bright, dumplings, pinch steamed stuffed bun, braised chicken feet, peeling garlic, eggshell…Thinking about thinking like holding a rolling pin in rolling dough (rolling dough technology is not bad oh), we three little girls paste couplets to the dormitory door, paste beautiful paper-cuts on the window, busy in the New Year’s Eve, eat the New Year’s Eve dinner in shifts, drink coke…I think this kind of atmosphere is the best way for foreigners to celebrate the New Year.Month is hometown Ming, year is hometown flavor.Time flies. This is the third Spring Festival that I have spent in my post, and also the third Spring Festival that was stolen by the epidemic. There are many changes during this period, but what remains unchanged is that I am still on duty during the Spring Festival except for the mask that CANNOT be removed.In the New Year, I look forward to the early spread of the epidemic, year after year reunion as scheduled, stick to the post of the brothers happy holidays, all the best!Chen Peng, Aheqi Police Station Chongqing When I was a child, the Spring Festival was what I looked forward to most.Because during the Spring Festival, I can wear new clothes, receive red envelopes and eat delicious dishes.Can also borrow the New Year’s Eve “shou Sui” reason no longer have to listen to mother’s nagging “to go to bed early”;More can be scattered all over the mountains like running, with his younger brothers and sisters together in the fields of hide-and-seek, in the vegetable field to catch bugs, in the pond with firecrackers fried fish…Even if covered in mud, there will be no scolding in the New Year.With the growth of time, I after 90, gradually feel that the flavor of the New Year began to fade.Later, I left my hometown and joined the Xinjiang Corps, where I became a people’s policeman guarding the frontiers.Looked at families happy New Year, gather, unavoidable heart regrets: it turns out that the festival atmosphere is not only in the atmosphere of fireworks in order, and not just in the delicacies on the table, it’s in the family because of nagging, it is in part the plumes of homesickness, it’s in the family she regards, it in the laughter of the lights…Lower the head to look at the hands of several cases and records, I seem to understand, as the people’s police, the masses celebrate a festival, public security clearance, with their own practical action to guard the reunion of thousands of families is the biggest taste of the New Year.Yiken public Security department wishes the people of all ethnic groups in China a happy New Year, but always peace!Source: Yining Reclamation Area Public Security Bureau Editor: Zhou Chen Rector: Yang Wentao