Day zhu: to people’s livelihood water conservancy for solid for the people

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Centering on the overall situation of the development of the county, tianzhu Water Bureau continuously improves the capacity of water supply guarantee and service level, and strives to solve the urgent and anxious problems of the people, so as to provide reliable water safety support and guarantee for the high-quality economic and social development of the county and the people’s living and working in peace and contentment.Su Mingbao is tianzhu County Huazang Temple town Yangshan village farmers.In the past, because of the aging and disrepair of the water supply project in the village, the leakage along the pipeline was serious, especially in the winter dry season, the production and living water demand of the local people could not be met, which made the development of house breeding difficult for Su Mingbao.Now, with the completion of the yangshan rural water supply project, his worries have been resolved.Su Mingbao, villager of Yangshan Village, Huazangsi Town, Tianzhu County: After the completion of the 50,000-square-meter transfer reservoir in Yangshan, our winter water supply will be more secure.In the future, whether we expand the scale of farming, or all aspects of water problems have been completely solved, we are very satisfied.In 2021, Tianzhu County Water Bureau invested 18.21 million yuan to implement 2 rural water source guarantee projects listed as practical for the people in the province. At present, all construction tasks have been completed and put into use.The implementation of water supply facilities and water plant equipment upgrading project, 85% has been completed, 54 rural water supply project maintenance, improve the county’s rural water supply security level.County rural tap water penetration rate reached 97%, water supply assurance rate reached more than 90%, county 156,000 rural population to drink the heart water.Yang Hongjie, deputy director of rural water quality Monitoring Center of Tianzhu County Water Bureau: In 2021, the county water Bureau will build one reservoir of 50,000 m³ and one reservoir of 300m³, and transform 27km of water supply pipeline.The construction of the two projects was started in May 2021, and all construction tasks were completed and put into use in early October, consolidating and improving the water supply guarantee capacity of 3,897 people in three townships and three administrative villages: Yangshan Village of Huazangsi Town, Agangwan Village of Songshan Town and Tiantang Village of Tiantang Town.In 2021, Tianzhu County Water Bureau will strive for a total investment of 676 million yuan to implement 27 key water conservancy projects such as rural drinking water safety, water source security, governance of small and medium-sized rivers and water and soil conservation. A number of key projects such as Shibangou Reservoir and Jinqiangchuan water source security project will be completed to connect river, reservoir and pond water systems with farmland irrigation pipe networks and canals.It has formed a multi-directional water supply network system of “regulating water supply in both abundant and dry conditions, complementing each other with multiple sources, coordinating control and coordination, and providing strong guarantee”.The county formulated the Opinions on “3895” Action for Beautiful Rivers and Lakes, and 213 river and lake chiefs made 12,800 visits to rivers and lakes and cleaned up 960 square meters of garbage within the scope of river and lake management.The 22nd day of each month was designated as the “Beautiful Day for Water Protection day”, and water protection activities were carried out intensively, with a total of 4,900 personnel dispatched and 7,000 publicity materials distributed.A 1+5 linkage working mechanism of “river and lake chiefs + police chiefs + procurator-general + principals + village heads + household heads” has been established, and the ecosystem of rivers and lakes continues to improve.Revising perfect reservoir river flood control plans, strengthen normalized reservoir channel, and establishing emergency team, fully reserve for flood control and materials, strictly implement the flood season leadership shift on duty 24 hours a day, and information submitted to the system, the comprehensive maintenance of mountain torrent disaster monitoring and early warning system, flood season data upload rate of 100%, due to the timely warning in place, caused no casualties throughout the year.Feng Shoujie, Director of Water Bureau of Tianzhu County:In 2022, focusing on prominent problems related to people’s livelihood, such as uneven spatial and temporal distribution, poor allocation and inadequate guarantee of water resources in our county, a wide range of rural water supply projects, difficult operation and high cost, and weak flood and drought disaster prevention,Our focus on the key to regulate water and comprehensive utilization of water resources, water ecological comprehensive governance, rural water system the water beautiful villages, small and medium-sized rivers and other water conservancy infrastructure make greater efforts to strive for and construction continued ascent optimization allocation of water resources, improve the county rural irrigation and water supply security level, increase the intensity of water ecosystem protection and restoration, strengthen the floods defensive measures,At the same time, strengthen water administrative law enforcement, promote the national water-saving action and river and lake chief system from famous and responsible to effective transformation, for the implementation of the “five strategies” for our county, pay attention to the “eight major events” to lay a solid foundation for water conservancy.Reporter: Wang Wenquan