Approved arrest | old residential energy-saving renovation project suspected of false evaluation

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Energy-saving renovation of existing buildings is an important measure to implement the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy. It is a major event concerning the long-term interests of the country and the overall situation, as well as a good thing to effectively improve people’s livelihood.Whether the transformed building can achieve energy consumption standard is the key standard of qualified project construction.However, a monitoring agency staff ignored the damage to the interests of the people and the state, issued a false “energy efficiency assessment report” for project acceptance, resulting in huge asset losses of the enterprise.”The procuratorial organ worked overtime to seriously examine the case, filed a case in time and approved the arrest of the criminal suspects, which formed a strong deterrent to the criminals, and is also expected to further stop the loss of 560 million yuan for our enterprise, avoiding a huge loss of state-owned assets!”On February 15, Harbin investment group co., LTD., chairman of hong-bo zhao a line came to Harbin city people’s procuratorate, in view of the procuratorial organ involvement in advance detection of old residential energy-saving renovation project for false evaluation case, sent pennants and thank-you notes for Harbin city prosecutors based on procuratorial functions, the legitimate rights and interests maintenance enterprises, thanks to guarantee the healthy development of enterprises.In 2014, a heating enterprise belonging to Hattou Group and an energy saving company signed the “Contract Energy Management Project Contract”, agreeing that the company would carry out energy-saving transformation of 17 residential buildings in an old residential district.During the transformation period, the company entrusted a building energy consumption monitoring agency to evaluate the energy efficiency of the community’s energy saving transformation. The relevant staff of the agency forged the original data records without actually conducting all the evaluation, and issued an Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report with energy saving of more than 40%.Under the condition that the transformation project agreed in the contract has not been completed and the expected energy saving effect has not been achieved, the energy saving company advocates to pay the energy saving benefit sharing fund to the heating enterprise according to the false evaluation report, which causes the state-owned heating enterprise to face the risk of further loss of huge assets.In November 2021, After learning the case, Nanggang Procuratorate intervened in the case handling in advance, actively guided the investigation and evidence collecting, participated in the case discussion of the public security organ for many times, timely learned and mastered the relevant professional knowledge of energy consumption detection, and repeatedly demonstrated the falsity of the evaluation report.In view of the possibility of omissions and omissions found by the monitoring agency during the examination, supplementary investigation suggestions were put forward to the public security organ in a timely manner, such as clues of digging cases in depth.The Municipal Procuratorate also attached great importance to the case and gave guidance on the qualitative nature of the case and the grasp of relevant policies.The Nanggang Procuratorate has approved the arrest of monitoring agency staff on suspicion of providing false documents.At present, the public security organs are continuing to investigate the case