Super Value Star selection 4.0- Good Life Spring Broadcast Season unlock Douyin local life live new gameplay

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In 2022, the year of the tiger lunar New Year, happy with peace as keywords. “on New Year’s day” has given rise to the cloud interaction, entertainment, consumption of the outbreak, watching movies, local travel, shopping consumption, such as achieve doubled growth of cloud, market improves significantly, also usher in New Year new atmosphere of digital consumer, spring be effectively stimulated, food consumption gradually warming,The transaction volume of catering on large e-commerce platforms grew by 10% simultaneously. Meanwhile, leisure consumption became popular, with outings, city Tours, folk customs and exhibitions becoming new consumption hot spots.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Tik Tok Local Life launched the Spring Festival campaign — Super Value Star Selection 4.0 — The Spring Season of a Better Life with Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Quanzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen as the center.This event aims to provide the vast number of Douyin users in South China with the possibility of providing live viewing and consumption during leisure and festive holidays.By taking advantage of the benefits of this Spring Festival event, douyin Long-tail talents are also provided with more ways to show their creative livestream, and more opportunities for businesses to display their brands and focus on performance sprint.In order to expand douyin’s brand voice of local life, this event invited greater Bay Area stars and the head of millions of fans to participate in the live broadcast, to help regional brands to build brand communication benefits, strong star and talent star support,Since the launch of this activity, it has attracted extensive attention from businesses in South China. Up to now, there have been hotpot, barbecue, barbecue, Chinese catering, music restaurant, restaurant bar, hot spring, skiing, gym and other dozens of businesses signed up to participate in this super value Star selection 4.0 – a Better life spring broadcast season live activities.At the official level of Tik Tok, it is full steam ahead. Through 1V1, it matches the special live broadcast of star talent and star merchants, so that high-quality products of high-quality merchants can realize special live broadcast.At the level of normal talent, we innovatively created self-closed-loop selection live PK competition to realize the organic match between people, goods and the field.High fans live DJ fry powder to participate in the local life, field view up to 23 w “during the whole event, the trill official not only provides us with a professional staff support and flow support, also help us gulf of the south China sea fishing village invite to the big star evergreen mak came to our studio to broadcast live, live during the fans are very enthusiastically, our hot style package once was selling single.”Nanhai fishing village catering director said.Coincident, in the fierce collision between the star talent and the head merchants, real Madrid Holiday Hotel, Nankun Mountain Residence Hot Spring Resort, Fenglin Town and other merchants have achieved GMV data beyond expectations, and the explosion effect provided by the star talent and the star merchants has been hot for the whole Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger.Three black travel class talent Ella to join the local life, jointly explore new models in the old wine tour live New Year end, trill local life let more and more beautiful life in the city hatching fall to the ground, with the node under the sense of ritual, south China’s guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan, foshan, quanzhou, fuzhou, xiamen, although have different genes,But the beauty of the lively market is an eternal common point.