Stay up late and edit the essence of the method of solving problems in 2022 assessment, and break through the error-prone questions

2022-06-26 0 By

The busy preparation before the high school entrance examination is in order to better meet the 2022 high school entrance examination, but so far most students still have confusion, no sense of direction in learning, learning methods and learning mode is not standard, so that they can not break through the original bottleneck period.During the winter vacation, most students also plan their review subjects in advance, but their learning direction is vague, which makes their learning efficiency low to a certain extent.We should accept the fact that mathematics does not depend on students’ blind review. Such diligence can only comfort ourselves, but every time the exam results come out, our confidence will be frustrated.As a member of the junior middle school graduates, we have to understand is that no matter what year, test the math questions are selected from tens of millions of database of the novel topic, can say is protean, 2022 examination questions is not exceptional also, in the face of the vagaries of the topic, we can’t track, we need timely adjustments and changes,Systematically study and master the essence of the method of solving the core and difficult questions in the 2022 mid-year assessment, and break through the error-prone questions.