I ordered a cask of whiskey with my baby’s lucky money

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“Come, New Year’s money to mom, mom for you to save, when you grow up to give you” is not very familiar?When we were young, every Chinese New Year, this scene is always unified in the children around the country.The result?When we grow up, ask our parents New Year’s money?Get the answer is also unified: “did not ah, others give you lucky money, we also have to give others ah, but also posted a lot of money”.Ha ha, you may ask, how can we talk about lucky money today?Mainly this is not the Chinese New Year, my children always ask me how to deal with the problem of lucky money.To tell you the truth, now life is better, most parents will not deduct children’s lucky money.But for the problem of how to use lucky money, each may have its own usage.Some put it in the bank, some save it for their kids’ college tuition, some enroll them in after-school classes.As a whisky lover, I invest in whisky as well as drink it.However, I used to buy bottled whiskey, and I always heard that other people pack a barrel, a barrel is bought.And MY own suffering from no channels, and not enough “silver”, so never bag a bucket.Having heard recently that the lai State Distillery in China is going to have custom baggies for the 2022 Chinese New Year and the prices are extremely affordable, I was thinking about using my kids’ lucky money to have a baggies.Finally through “friendly” negotiation, finally do through my children’s ideological work.Of course, it’s up to him whether he’s going to give it to me or invest it and sell it when it’s ripe.Compared with the packing of drums by foreign wineries in Scotland and other places, it is more convenient to have packing of drums in China. Besides, the custom packing services in the countries have diverse types of drums, affordable prices (the prices are all in RMB below, unit: RMB) and high added value.I figured I couldn’t keep it to myself. I had to share it.We should not only talk about serving our drinking friends, but also practice them actively.We have 4 different flavors and 6 different cask types of whisky which is very thoughtful and in line with the development vision of “more possibilities for creating whisky” which is achieved by the lai states.To explain in advance, according to previous experience calculation, the capacity of about 200 liters of oak barrels, after 6 years of ripening, do not reduce the intensity of the original barrel bottling, generally can hold about 210 bottles.Bourbon casks are the most commonly used cooked casks in the current whisky world. After 3-polar carbonization, mature and lai whisky can bring very sweet vanilla and cream flavor to the liquor.The price of primary filling US bourbon drums launched by lai State this time is 50,000 / barrel for 6 years free maturation, and 60,000 / barrel for 10 years free maturation, which is about 200 litres per barrel.STR dry Red Wine Cask process is a set of high-end technology in whisky cask making industry. Very few distilleries or cask making factories have the grasp of this process in the world, and lai state is one of them.The S in STR is Shave, remove a layer of the inner wall of the purchased wine barrels, remove the tartar and mud which affect the whisky to absorb the flavor of the casks, then Toast and Rechar, and use these barrels to mature into lai whisky which can release the flavor of the casks.The wine is rich and layered with fruit aromas and hints of wine.Two kinds of STR buckets are launched in lai State this time, one is primary filling STR American Napa bucket and the other is primary filling STR Spanish Rioja bucket, the price of these two kinds of buckets is 55,000 / barrel for 6 years free maturation, the price is 65,000 / barrel for 10 years free maturation, each barrel is about 200 liters.Fino is a fortified wine that is almost sugar-free, but generally has dry ocean flavors and crisp fruit flavors.Having had fino in the Solera system over the years and cooked into the lai state whiskies gives fresh, fragrant fruit flavours and nutty flavours.The price of primary filling Spanish Montilla fino drums launched by lai State this time is 60,000 / barrel for free 6 years and 70,000 / barrel for free 10 years, each barrel is about 200 litres.Jerez Sherry is a fortified wine from Jerez, Spain, and one of the most commonly used casks in the whisky world.There are many different types of sherry and sherry barrels, but Oloroso and PX are commonly used to age whiskies. Oloroso barrels tend to be more raisin and toffee flavoured, while PX barrels tend to be sweeter and more spiced.Lai state at the beginning of this is to bring us to fill the Spanish Oloroso sherry barrels, free in 6 price is 65000 / barrel, free ripening 10 years the price of 75000 a barrel, at the same time also brought fill in Spain at the beginning of PX sherry barrels, free year 6 price is 70000 / barrel, free ripening 10 years 80000 is the price of a barrel, a barrel are about 250 liters.How, so many barrels you choose, is not enchanted?Don’t worry, there are more value “gift packages” which are available to anyone who has a bucket: honestly, the whisky market has been getting more and more hot and high-end whiskies costing tens of thousands of dollars a bottle are not rare.Having a whole barrel of whisky in the lai states starts at 50,000 yuan which is the price of a mid to high-end bottle of whisky so it’s very conscience.In addition, the quotation of the customized bucket in the countries have included the future bottling cost and the super value “gift package”, the price is very transparent without any hidden cost.The main thing is I have had the lai state whisky myself and it is really good which is why I decided to participate in the lai State custom baggies.And even if not, as an investment, my baby will enter the society 10 years later, let him to sell the wine bought with his New Year’s money, it is also a life experience, which is more meaningful than giving money to children directly.Well, without being personal, people may not be interested in my family, they are most interested in how to have the lunch and state buckets.The lai Meal Vision, 100 bottles and the lai states have joined forces to create: Custom bucket New Year group purchase in the lai states. If you need to participate, you can leave a message in this article or send a private letter to our account for consultation.In addition, for other matters needing attention, please refer to the picture above.Okay, I’ve signed up.If you want to participate, please sign up as soon as possible.The event will be limited to 500 barrels worldwide on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.Finally, wish you have the best of luck, have lunch, have lunch, have lunch, have lunch and have a good life.What does food Vision do?Watch global food videos and fashion news!