Guangzhou people are too “southern”!Countdown to the strongest return to the south this year, how many more waves?

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Guangzhou people have never been so eager for cold air and north wind.After all, they are the ones who can defeat the southern sky.From yesterday to today, Guangzhou people are too “southern”!With clouds and mist shrouding the floor and wet Windows, what guangzhou people are most familiar with has come back to the southern sky.Today, “Guangzhou people most afraid to return to the South”, “the end of the return to the South” and other topics become hot on the Internet.If closing the window is the last stubborn Guangzhou people, fortunately, Guangzhou has entered the “countdown” back to the south, if the cold air arrived on time, Guangzhou tonight will bid farewell to the south.What is back to the south?How many more times are there to come?Take a look.What is back to the south?Guangzhou person: need not explain, all have the personal experience what is return south day?This is a problem that northerners probably don’t understand, and these diagrams might be a little bit more intuitive.Every March, this is the “pain” in the hearts of Guangdong people.Back to the south, the warm and wet air quickly counterattack after the cold, resulting in increased air humidity, some cold object surface encountered warm and wet air, easy to produce water droplets.At present, the air dew point temperature and indoor floor temperature can be monitored to determine whether there is a southerly sky.When the air dew point temperature is greater than or equal to the indoor floor temperature, the southern sky comes.According to @ Guangzhou weather, affected by the warm and humid air flow, Guangzhou appears to return to the south.As of 14 o ‘clock on The 25th, the weather data chart of Huinantian in Guangzhou shows that the weather data of Huinantian has reached the highest red level.Too “southern”!Closing the window is the last stubborn Guangzhou people if you look at the picture, back to the southern sky during the high-rise buildings shrouded in clouds like a fairyland scenery is only the appearance.After all, the only thing worse than a rainy day is going south.To feel the fear of guangzhou people being ruled by the southern sky.”The washing machine can wring out the water the next day after drying clothes overnight. You know why we Cantonese buy pants by the dozen?””Said @Bobbixiaotu.”Cats are sliding on the floor,” said user @Little Wheels.’Do not open the window!In your family group, have you heard from your family?Because facing back to the south, closing the window is the last stubborn Guangzhou people.Can you open the window?What if I leave the window open and it smells?no!Resist!Facing the pain of returning to the southern sky, optimistic Guangzhou people said: I can’t write on the snow, but I can write on the window of returning to the southern sky.Netizen “@Xiaochenexample” said: “During the return to Southern Heaven, guangzhou people are most afraid of…I don’t want to be a hipster.”The strongest weather of the year. What’s next?According to @China weather enthusiasts, this is the strongest southernmost storm of the year.Strong Jianghuai cyclone is strengthening into the sea in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.On the southwest side of the cyclone, the hot southwest jet stream poured into Guangdong, Fujian and even Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Guangdong’s southerly weather was the strongest so far this year.The strength of the return to the south depends mainly on three factors: the strength of the previous wave of cold air, the strength of the following wave of warm air, and the speed of the following wave of warm air.The stronger the cold and warm air, the faster the warm air, the more water droplets will condense on objects, and the stronger it will be back to the south.Going back to the south is dangerous.Too wet weather will induce skin diseases and other diseases, obviously has a negative impact on health;Foggy and damp weather, easy to make people depressed irritable;Congealing water can make it harder to dry clothes, and can lead to unpleasant smells, bacteria and mold, and possibly damage furniture.Fortunately, the cold air to save the southerners is already on the way. According to guangzhou weather, with a new wave of cold air arriving in Guangzhou this afternoon to evening, it will expel the excess water vapor from all over the country and gradually weaken and suspend the return to the south.However, starting March 28, the strong warm and humid air will move northward again, and this spring, when moisture is abundant, southerners may face more than one return to the south.After returning to the south, rain is expected. Guangzhou will be affected by upper trough, shear line and cold air from The night of 25th to 26th, there will be heavy rain and local rainstorm, accompanied by short-duration wind of magnitude 7 ~ 8 and lightning.The temperature dropped from the evening of 26th, dropping by 4~6℃ in the process;The rainfall weakened on 27th and 28th.The specific forecast is as follows: March 26: cloudy, with heavy rain, partial rainstorm and thunder, with south weather in some areas, 19-24 ℃;March 27: Cloudy with light to moderate rain, 16 ~ 20℃;March 28: Cloudy with showers, 15 ~ 20℃.1. Close doors and Windows to prevent warm and humid air from entering the room.2. Items susceptible to damp mildew should be sealed and stored in advance.3. Do not mop the floor. Use a dehumidifier or turn on the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner.4. Open the window again for ventilation when a new cold air blows from south to north.Guo Suying part of the picture according to the network Guo Suying South Press Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value