Good news!Launch this month!More than 10 old residential areas in Harbin will be transformed

2022-06-19 0 By

Harbin Xiangfang District 2022 old community renovation project has met the bidding conditions, xiangfang District Housing and Construction Bureau is now open bidding for the project supervision.The total construction area of the renovation project is about 1.6969 million square meters, involving more than 10 communities. The planned construction period is from April 26 to October 31, and the project warranty period is two years (subject to actual conditions).The construction project is divided into four bidding sections.The total construction area of the first section of the project is 253,600 square meters, including 77,500 square meters in the north area of Daqing and 176,100 square meters in the south area of Daqing.The second section has a total construction area of 621,700 square meters.There are 84,500 square meters of military sports district, 63,900 square meters of forestry district, 94,200 square meters of moving-source district, 138,500 square meters of botanical garden district, 74,700 square meters of electrical industry district, 73,500 square meters of Liming New District and 92,500 square meters of wenhe district.The total construction area of the three sections is 402,000 square meters.There are 153,800 square meters of Liancao community, 122,500 square meters of Xingguang family building, 49,000 square meters of Xingguang Home and 76,700 square meters of Century community.The fourth section has a total construction area of 419,500 square meters.Among them, Blue Shield residential area 101,200 square meters, chemical residential area 128,300 square meters, agriculture and forestry residential area 190,000 square meters.According to the bidding documents, the construction funds of the project are supported by national policy funds, the application of central financial budget funds and local supporting funds, the issuance of local government special bonds, and the contribution ratio of municipal financial funds is 100%.New Evening News: Xu Guangsheng