Rainbow Six siege blockade plug-in players rainbow six siege open data

2022-06-18 0 By

Almost every PC shooter will have a lot of self-aim, perspective plugins, and even kill the whole world of violence.A few years ago, pubG was popular and even appeared the scene of “fairy fighting”, all kinds of fancy add-ons emerge in endlessly.As a result, more than 166,000 plugins have been blocked by ubisoft, a developer of FPS games, including Rainbow Six:Siege, a tactical competitive shooter.Let’s take a look!The tally represents the total number of blockages by BattlEye and backend data from August 2020 to January 2022, with an additional 3,114 blockages from November to January this year, the official added.It’s worth noting that Ubisoft tweeted that it’s updating its anti-cheating system to catch cheats that cheat through bugs such as “kill all players in the lobby instantly”, “disable combat with drones” and “deal melee damage with drones”.At the same time, the R6 team also announced that it was working with third-party teams to develop a new phone verification system and encourage players to continue to report cheating plug-ins, including providing obvious video or screenshot evidence.Since rainbow Six: Siege launched in 2015, according to Steam, the number of players reached a peak of over 100,000 on average in March 2020. However, the problem of cheating has been plaguing the player community, making anti-cheating a top priority for the official team.