Cultured mushroom to do “id card”

2022-06-13 0 By

“Now, foreign sales of bacteria have the ‘ID card’, marked the type, level, quality, implementation standards and producer name, production location and other content.County bureau of Agriculture and rural areas also helped us to deal with the production and operation license of edible fungi, later can be free to operate.”A few days ago, Henan Province Gushi County Hengkang edible fungus industry development Co., LTD. Chairman Xu to return to visit the county prosecutor Zhang Qiping said.Hengkang company is located at the state farm in the urban and rural fringe of Gushi County. Its business scope includes the production of edible fungus and product cultivation, product deep processing, etc.On February 9 this year, Zhang Qiping visited the company and found that there are clear provisions for the cultivation and processing of edible fungi, seed law and “Edible fungi seed Management Measures” and other legal provisions, but the company’s production of edible fungi exist in accordance with the provisions of the establishment of bacteria production and operation files,The production place, time, quantity, culture medium formula, culture conditions, strain source and strain direction are not specified in detail, resulting in the strain cannot be traced to the source, and there are security risks.Food safety is greater than heaven.Do other edible fungus producers and operators also have the same problem?On February 22, the People’s Procuratorate of Gushi County made a recommendation to the county’s Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, suggesting that it carry out special rectification of the quality and safety supervision and inspection of strains, urging the strains production enterprises and farmers in the area to comply with relevant regulations, and ensuring that the quality of strains complies with national standards.After receiving the inspection suggestion, Gushi County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took immediate action, issued a notice of special rectification action on the same day, and arranged each unit room to verify the production and operation of edible fungi enterprises and farmers.Since March 8, the bureau’s agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement team on edible fungi production enterprises and farmers to carry out law enforcement inspection.At present, after special rectification, the law-abiding consciousness of relevant business units has been enhanced, and the market order of strain production and operation has been stable.(Liu Lixin, Wu Xiaojun, Procuratorial Daily)