The ugliest love story on Valentine’s Day has been released

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A week after the End of the Spring Festival, valentine’s Day comes with three love movies: From “Ten years, A product of Warm Words” to “Don’t Forget I Love You”, and then “I Want to Go to your world to love You”, the title of a long game, the difficulty to distinguish quite high.But that hasn’t stopped people from joining hands to see a movie on Valentine’s Day.At least according to the numbers, the one-day slot is doing well in terms of traffic taking.The 2022 Valentine’s Day season ended with a total box office of 530 million yuan, with the three films raking in more than 260 million yuan, according to Maoyan Professional.Among them, “Ten Years of Love” not only topped the box office with 143 million yuan, but also became the third highest-grossing Valentine’s Day romance in Mainland cinema history.However, although the box office is good, the word of mouth is worrying.On the one hand, the film’s official weibo account released its first day of box office success. On the other hand, its rating on Douban, which is inversely proportional to the audience’s anger, is 2.9 points open, and more and more users are still pouring in with one star in hand.It’s not just the average valentine’s Day moviegoer who goes to the cinema in search of a sense of ritual who gets hurt. It’s also the book fan who pays for nostalgia.”Today’s movies are so interesting,” read one of the most liked comments on douban’s discussion forum. “When you can directly rob money, you have to invite you to watch the movie.”As of press time, the other two Valentine’s Day movies are still in theaters, but the feedback in the comments section might serve as a case in point: “Bad movie, Run!””Ugly” in the film if the selection “trigger user most physiological reaction” movie, then surely yipin temperature such as word of the decade “, according to audience feedback, see the beginning of the sleeping, see the middle to vomit, have also seen finally want to cry, not for men and women protagonist is not being love sad, through hardshipsI cried for myself, who had paid to sit in the theater for nearly two hours.Unlike “Don’t Forget I Love You” and “I Want to Go To Your World to Love You”, two films based on original screenplays, “Ten Years is a story about companionship and love,” adapted from a romantic novel of the same name.The author, Shuhai Cangsheng, started online serialization in 2009, finished and published in 2011, and has been republished several times since then.Thanks to the IP halo and readers, and the fan base of leading actors Ding Yuxi and Ren Min and the goodwill of passers-by, more than 600,000 people wanted to see the film on Maoyan platform before its release, leading the way in popularity and being regarded as the “biggest winner” of valentine’s Day this year.But it didn’t, or at least the reputation collapsed completely.As the movie rolls out in front of the audience, the book filters shatter and the couple’s patience wears out.The beginning is so unconventional — the characters and the story’s prospects are explained directly in the heroine’s narration, a kind of magical voice, compared to Lin Shaw in Tiny Times, even better.The plot is even more cliched than expected.As a cinematic work that was originally written ten years ago, the creators should have tried to rationalize a content that is now too old.But it’s a pity that in the end, what the audience sees is the paper-thin characters — the excellent and introverted heroine, the evil and charming hero who only has eyes for the heroine;The sloppy and jumpy plot — a deep and illogical fusion of school violence and abusive relationships, “I won’t tell you for your own good,” and the supporting actress’s inexplicable and unscripted transformation;Awkward lines and poor audiovisual language — how the departing lover “lives for your hundred years”, how the wedding scene is reduced to “the magic of love in circles”?One night on valentine’s day to watch “the top ten years temperature such as speech” audience to tell the world of finance and economics, requests the movie “has been unable to make fun,” she was most impressive MV shooting average wedding, “I was going to sleep, is a wedding picture before sleep, waking up or wedding pictures, to the college entrance examination for a few seconds, kiss for a few minutes, I dizzy.”At her screening, the audience got up and left within the first 10 minutes.”Estimate is really unbearable just walk, after all the ticket price also more than 100 yuan.”Soon, the film became a top search on Weibo along with “ugly”, with real-time discussions of “fraud” and “who will save me in the cinema”.One fan of the book commented that he had almost finished watching the film in the reviews. “It feels almost irrelevant to the book and hopeless.””Chicken ribs” of the Valentine’s Day file as of press time, “ten years of product wen Ru Yan” Douban score has been 2.7 points, compared to open a decline.”The night of Valentine’s day has not been open, I thought, it will be more than three o ‘clock, did not expect to exceed my imagination.””A film industry insider joked in an interview with The Weekly Business World.Among the three romance films released at the same time, “Ten Years of Love” has the biggest marketing campaign.The film was originally scheduled for last year’s National Day, but then shifted to this year’s Valentine’s Day.As the producers of the film, enlight capable of “youth pain love story”, built in 2013, since we will eventually lost youth “to” when he was in a hurry, “Jane’s you” “left ear” and so on a number of works, more last year with “your wedding in the five a win 512 million yuan at the box office, in the same season at the top.It can be said that “Ten Years one Product Warm Words” is following the “Your Wedding” publicity path to go down, rendering the atmosphere of the clip, short video captured the golden line, dense distribution of posters…Mastering the mood has become the key to capturing potential audiences, especially at the specific time of valentine’s Day — the first major season after the Spring Festival, according to the film industry insider, is just one day, but it also means a lot of traffic.”One day might be enough for these small romance films, but on any other day, it might not even reach that number.”In fact, due to the proximity of the dates, valentine’s Day often coincides with The Spring Festival.That was the case in 2021, when detective Chinatown 3 and Hello, Li Huanying helped the single-day box office surpass 1 billion yuan.By contrast, Mr. No And A Nice Lady and I Applaud for You were virtually absent from the same day’s releases.In addition to 2020, when cinemas were closed due to the epidemic, love in A Kiss still earned 85.3 million yuan at the box office on Valentine’s Day 2019, ranking third with a total box office of 174 million yuan, accounting for nearly 50% of the first-day box office.In 2017, romance films took three of the top five spots at the box office, followed by La La Land, Contract Man and Woman and Crazy Mountain.Another well-known Valentine’s Day release was “Beijing Love Story,” which grossed 102 million yuan on its opening day, half its opening weekend.Valentine’s Day is a bit of a loser because it is short and easily swamped by the Spring Festival.But on the flip side, with ritual and emotional cards, it may also mean great business opportunities.Similar to valentine’s Day, the Qixi Festival, or even the 520 show, has increasingly become a major battleground for romance movies.However, they cater to the young audience represented by couples from the “right” point of view, and while they reap box-office gains, they have difficulty in ensuring word-of-mouth. In other words, the value of word-of-mouth is lost when the “one-shot deal” is finished.Entering 2022, several leading domestic film companies are also showing an obvious trend of differentiation: Bona Film focuses on theme theme, especially “Changjin Lake” series achieved high box office earnings.Wanda films is betting on suspense, having just earned 1.21 billion yuan with Manslaughter 2.Enlight Pictures still has its own “routine” in youth, romance and even animation films.Huayi brothers has stumbled several times and lost its voice for a long time in the important New Year file.But even so, the battle in the film market is still fierce, and films with low content completion will naturally be strongly resisted by the audience.Affected by this schedule, on February 14, the concept of film and television media was sharply pulled up, Wanda Film, Shanghai film, Light media, Hengdian film and television, happiness blue Ocean and so on ushered in a rise, Jinyi film and television for two consecutive days trading limit.Expectations of a sustained recovery in the film industry are partly justified by market sentiment, but some moviegoers are turning their backs on the so-called “leek cutting” Valentine’s Day movie.One couple, who had planned to go to the cinema for Valentine’s Day, gave up.”This kind of movie is not interesting, with the money of two movie tickets to buy some food is not sweet?”Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: