“I love you” is never the sentimental words that make women move, but these 3 sentences

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A man always thinks that the only thing he needs to impress a woman is to say “I love you”. But gradually, he finds that these three words do not impress a woman. It seems that what she needs is something else.In the final analysis, or because you do not understand her heart, now the woman’s demand for love is also high, she is no longer like the past, just need you to say “I love you” to be able to meet, she needs your company and care, as well as whole-hearted love, these are much more important than casually said love.Instead of saying that women are more difficult to chase, as now love is too cheap, men are not willing to pursue flower heart, always chasing a few days without the following, no wonder women will raise the requirements.So you have to remember, let a woman heart of love words, is never “I love you”, but these a few!01 “I will accompany you for the rest of my life” company is the longest confession of love, if you say “I love you” every day, but it is only three empty words, also do not give her true, then she will not be tempted.Want to move a person’s heart, sincerity is the most key, rather than casually say “I love you”, it is better to tell her “I will accompany you for a lifetime”, I believe she will be moved by your true feelings.A woman’s heart is not of steel, it is soft. It is only when you don’t give her what she needs that her heart becomes hard of stone. Once she can feel your heart, she will love you back.Give her love, rather than give her company, let her know that you can always stay with her, accompany her life, it will make her feel safe, and feel that this is a promise you give her.02 “rest assured, I am in” a woman appearance strong, heart is weak, she will look forward to a person to accompany her, take care of her, give her warmth, but when she asked but not, had to use strong to disguise themselves.At this moment, what she needs is not “I love you” three words, but you can give her a sense of security, let her feel that you are reliable, but also can feel at ease.If you can say “don’t worry, I am here” to her, I think she will be very excited, hearing you this sentence, her whole person will be relieved, feel that she finally has someone who can help her to share.It is not that she does not need to share, nor does she want to become a strong woman, but that no one is reliable, she can only be independent, once she meets the one who is willing to take care of her, she can also be a bird.She is also willing to do back to the girl, enjoy you to her pet, and is no longer cold appearance, who do not want to close to see.03 “meeting you is my greatest luck” fate between people, is really very magical existence, otherwise, so many people, just met you, this is not fate is what?Everyone is looking forward to their fate, but also looking forward to their Mr. Right, for a woman, she is always thinking, can meet the right person.At this time, might as well say to her: “meeting you is my greatest luck”, she will feel very satisfied, it is not easy to meet, she also wants to spend the rest of her life with you, this fate is not everyone will encounter.Women are sentimental, hear such words, she will feel very lucky to meet a understand their own people, she will be willing to open their hearts to greet you, two people can know each other love is not easy, she will cherish your fate.04 Closing words want to let a woman enchanted, do not necessarily say “I love you”, especially those who casually say, but also need not say such words of love.If you really love her, say some words of love to her to make her feel at ease, I believe that after she listened to, will also feel very enchanted, will also want to be with you.These love words represent the oath, but also you to her a kind of guarantee, if you do not really want to have a result with her, you would not casually say these words.I believe your sincerity can move her, can let her heart please you, also wish you can have a happy ending.