From 40W all the way down to 33W, BMW want to understand, determined to price in exchange for quantity, than audi Q5 fragrance too much

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The car in question is the BMW X3.According to the latest market sales data analysis, BMW X3’s cumulative sales volume in the first two months of 2022 is 24,887 units, but the sales volume in February was only 7,786 units, accounting for 17.88% share in BMW Brilliance family, 1.01% share in the domestic SUV market, ranking 28th overall, and only 3.77% share in medium-sized SUV.It ranked 10th in the individual category, lagging behind Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5L.Among them, the 2022 version xDrive30i enjoy M yao night suit BMW X3, as the top with models, carrying 2.0T+8AT power system, with full speed adaptive cruise and 360-degree panoramic image, the new car guide price is 479,800, now individual areas after comprehensive concessions reference lowest transaction price is only 427,700;BMW X3 looks fashionable atmosphere, the length of the car reached 4737mm, the width of the body reached 1891mm, the wheelbase of the body reached 2864mm, the level of appearance and aura are not lost Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5L.Most notably, 2022 xDrive25i M sports suit BMW X3, as the whole system with the lowest entry version of the model, also carrying 2.0T+8 block since the integrated power system, the new car guide price is close to 400,000, now after the comprehensive discount reference lowest transaction price is only 330,000, a straight down 60,000,Opened the “price for volume” mode, cost-effective invincible at the same level, what also want Mercedes GLC, Audi Q5L?What do you think?Comments are welcome!