Anhui received 23.17 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday and earned 14.68 billion yuan

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On February 7, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism announced the cultural and tourism market situation during the Spring Festival holiday: From January 31 to February 6, the province received 23.17 million tourists and realized tourism revenue of 14.68 billion yuan, up 10.5% and 12.3% year-on-year respectively, recovering to 74.3% and 67.1% in 2019 respectively.Among them, 18.07 million tourists visited the province, accounting for 78% of the total number of tourists, up 7.4% year on year.During the Spring Festival, the tourism market of our province is mainly urban outings and short-distance family visits, while rural tourism, sports and fitness, health and leisure are popular.The provincial culture and Tourism Department led the announcement of “Anhui’s Beautiful Taste of 100 Counties’ Snacks”, which showed 200 style food and 100 style food experience shops, and held the opening ceremony of the style food experience street, which was well received by tourists.The province organized more than 500 “village evening” shows in rural areas to further enhance the “New Year flavor” of rural tourism, with more than 18 million online viewers.Public cultural venues open normally, the provincial library alliance, museum alliance, and provincial intangible protection center, cultural center alliance, linkage groups around “with elegant holidays” museum holidays “the mass culture year” joy “video live in hometown” four big plate, more than 3000 key activities, online, make the text brigade feast.The Beijing Winter Olympics inspired the public to participate in ice and snow sports and tourism, and the Tiantangzhai ski Resort and Tianzhu Mountain ski Resort attracted an endless stream of tourists and became popular online tourist attractions.Hot spring health care has also become a hot spot for families to travel, and the number of tourists in key hot spring scenic spots such as Lu ‘an Dusha River, Chaohu Bantang and Ma ‘anshan Xiangquan has all achieved double-digit growth.During the holiday period, the cultural and tourism markets in The province operated smoothly on the whole, with no major safety accidents, epidemic prevention and control emergencies and major tourism complaints reported.(Reporter Zhang Lixiang) (Anhui network)