Where is the face, General Fan is right, lose Vietnam to become a reality, where is the bottom line of Chinese football?

2022-06-08 0 By

Did not think of it, The Chinese team can actually play the Vietnamese team into the appearance of the Japanese team, once Fan Zhiyi Fan general a joke, did not think in today’s words, when lost to Vietnam become a reality, where is the face of Chinese football.Thanks to xu Xin’s face-saving late kick, China lost 3-1 to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year in a game far beyond the score. I don’t want to talk about how the Vietnamese side will mock us or who should take the blame for the loss. I just want to know,How many more times does this match need to be seen?All game. Where did we lose?Lost in the players’ skills, foot skills and a small range of transmission, the National football team was completely defeated, so that the Vietnamese team can use foot skills to break through the national defence.China’s football philosophy is not only behind the first-class level in Asia, but also behind the second-rate level in Asia, or even third-rate level.Lose in the fight, this is a matter of soccer in China face a race, but on the pitch, one is a, which one player played the morale and easily, ironically, naturalized players on the field most of two people, get the ball quickly, deep fear of responsibility, 50% of the ball or trying not to press, how worthy of such a player on the flag?I don’t want to say hard words to these players, because this is a loss sooner or later, when The Chinese football league, down to the youth league is in a mess, how can you expect the National football team to be good?Why has Chinese football become the way it is now?Always want to find out the problem, find out where the bottom line of Chinese football, we fans need not apologize, but a hope.In fact, everyone knows the problem, when Vietnam began to play in Asia with the results of youth training, when Japan and South Korea began to get younger, The Chinese team is still relying on this group of players around 30 years old to play the world, no physical strength, no ball business, no technology, no effort, shame is inevitable.Since 2002, Chinese football go one cycle, tried countless way, but every possible, it is far from world football is more and more, when you are in the league, your national team, there was a problem in your youth academy, is definitely not one of the two clubs, but the league managers’ problem, when the root rot,How can it blossom and bear fruit?How should The road of Chinese football go?Told us so many examples in method, a league, a youth, let football managers become real security escort for the steady development of football, let the league as a player to adapt to the pace of world football game of the soil temperature, make youth for a long time for work, a steady stream of new forces, more simple, but for soccer in China may be in sight.From the leadership to the media to the fans, there is a fickle atmosphere. We hope to use four or five years to catch up with the decades of investment of others. We hope to use coaches to change the face of Chinese football, and we hope to improve the level of players by operating overseas.Our media also have a non-negligible responsibility in the rapid degeneration of Chinese football, when the strength of the players is not up to, do not consider what disorderly overseas, can not play on the game of overseas what is the use of wu Lei’s state is not profound enough?Ambitious Chinese football practitioners, take good care of our youth training, pay attention to our football foundation, bottom building is the bottom line of Chinese football ah, there is no booming talent training model, how can choose the right candidate?This is a humiliating game, lost to Chinese football can not even see where the bottom line.But how many years will this tragic humiliation be remembered for what should have been a big break for Chinese football?Since I am a media people, but I is one of the most simple fan, I can not to describe the two games bring fans like me pure despair and anger, I only know that I for the future of Chinese football, a piece of confusion, I only know that in the future, in the system of Chinese football before has not grown up, will not be published as the views of the fans.For Chinese football, I only love and deep blessing.