Surprise welfare, Beijing Hafu first love the highest discount of 4,000 yuan, looking forward to your visit

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When it comes to the ideal life, how much will have a vision of the future, comfortable sense of science and technology of life, and in reality, you need a Harvard first love, for your real life to add comfort and convenience, the current Beijing Boshilian store maximum discount of 4,000 yuan, activity time:02.07-02.07, such a beautiful price,Can not miss the promotion time from February 07, 2022 to February 07, 2022 Hafu first latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Beijing quotation 1.5T automatic fourth edition 112,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 108,900 yuan 1.5TAutomatic first edition 919,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 87,900 yuan 1.5T automatic second edition 96,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 92,900 yuan 1.5T automatic third edition 104,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 10.900 yuan 1.5T manual first edition 78,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 74,900 yuan 1.5TManual second edition 86,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 82,900 yuan