Stoke city vs Swansea + Burnley vs Manchester United

2022-06-05 0 By

Stoke city are 14th in the premier League on 39 points, while Swansea are 16th on 35 points, with two wins, two draws and five defeats in their last 10 league games.Both teams are in the bottom half of the league so far this season, with no hope of winning and relegation assured, the desire to fight should not be too strong.Initial data at home to stoke city – 0.25, afternoon assignment is not too big change, but in the water, on the plate water level rise, lower water level is reduced, in Europe, most organizations also is the home team index, drop a draw and the visitors’ index, both teams on the exchange the outcome in recent meetings with each other, look from the index changes,This game is good for Swansea to be able to go away unscathed.006 English premier league on Tuesday Burnley VS Manchester united burnley currently bottom of integral, into the relegation bog, from the relegation zone there is a big gap, Manchester united is currently ranked fourth, running behind Arsenal and west ham, the game both sides battle, burnley continue to achieve integral, every game is crucial,United need to pick up points against underdogs to secure their place in the table and qualify for Europe.From the past confrontation, Manchester United hold absolute advantage, the data of this game to Manchester United support strength is also good, this game is optimistic that Manchester United in away to get all three points, and play through the data.Analysis of the results:West ham united v Watford 003 Newcastle united v Everton win/draw 004 Stoke city v Swansea draw 005 Fulham v Millwall draw 006 Burnley v Manchester United-007 Inter milan VS Roma win/lose