Henan woman lost after divorce due to mental abnormality, family: the sisters took care of each other for more than ten years

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“She had been mentally ill for almost 10 years and had been depressed since her divorce. She was a different person.”Photos of Gao Wen (not her real name) taken at the rescue station show little change in her features compared to photos taken more than a decade ago.Delicate eyebrows, small bridge of nose, can see the obvious difference is that a pair of lost brilliant eyes, tightly pursed mouth, and the traces left by this ten years time.Under the age of 40, Gao Wen should have lived a simple and happy life in an ordinary county in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, just like other girls when she was young.Until she got married, no one thought that such an ordinary life would never return.According to Li Ren (pseudonym), Gao Wen’s brother-in-law, gao Wen’s in-laws had always treated her badly. The couple divorced after they had a child and gave the ex-husband custody of the child.In what appeared to be a shock, Gao soon developed depression, and her family later took her to a hospital for a check-up at the height of her symptoms, where she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.On weekdays, Gao Wen looks just an ordinary person, eating, shopping, sleeping…But sometimes things get too hard, and you can’t recognize people at home and start to speak incoherently.”Especially in the last two years, it’s getting worse and worse, treatment and everything, but it doesn’t do much good.”Hear gao Wen these strange symptoms, Li Ren also feel helpless, “a dazzling eye to now all ten years, ten years ah.””Maybe it’s because the Spring Festival is coming and I’m not in a good mood that I run away from home.”Ms. Li said it was not the first time she had been lost.Gao wen also went missing a few years ago when she was in a mood disorder. After being found, her family bought various GPS phones and watches, but she always lost them by herself.This, draw near the Spring Festival, perhaps the atmosphere that is too lively and noisy all around makes the Gao Wen that heart is sensitive frailty originally feels nervous and uneasy, the more draw near end of the year, her mood is more and more ground is not quite good.So on the morning of the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, when she should have been reunited with her family, she went shopping alone as usual, but never came back.By the end of the night, her family had not returned home and they could not find her anywhere.Li Ren and his wife two people along the road to check the monitoring, do not want to let go of a clue.After verification, on the way the local police had found Gao Wen wandering in the street with abnormal behavior, according to the practice of temporary accommodation for her, but she ran out of the place where she lived, emaciated and blurred red figure disappeared in the surveillance video corner.And just like that, the only lead was gone.Fortunately, in the early morning of February 6, 2022, someone found a mentally abnormal woman at the gate of the first courtyard of Sanguan, Guangwu East Road, Wancheng District, Nanyang City. The police of Baihe Police Station arrived at the scene soon after receiving the alarm.After a brief exchange found that the woman is not willing to speak, can only hear from the accent is foreign accent, also do not want to say the name, so the police will be sent to the woman nanyang rescue management station.On February 6, the rescue station contacted the headlines to release the news of the missing, in the headlines to find the cooperation of the police under the inquiry, on the 7th to contact the family, Gao Wen’s sister and brother-in-law in the afternoon of the 8th immediately rushed to the rescue station to take Gao Wen home.Sisters take care of each other “just picked it up at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, you see, still not happy.”Seems to be joking words, Li Ren’s tone sounds not too relaxed.Gao wen has been living with her parents in her hometown because of her poor mental health for years.In addition, the economic situation of the old man in the home is not good, no income, the family can only rely on the meager subsistence allowance and sister Gao Wenjie (pseudonym) a fund to barely live.”My wife has been more concerned about her sister’s life for more than a decade. They have always taken care of each other and supported each other.”Mention gao Wen a burden, Li Ren also did not seem to feel half blame, tone is filled with more than ten years of deep feelings of the two sisters approbation.”Just received back or want to observe a period of time, if the mental condition is not very good, and then sent to the hospital to see it.”Li Ren and his wife will not give up the elder sister Gao Wen’s treatment and help, as this more than ten years do in that way.This is the 18,165 missing person that toutiao has successfully found since its founding.After cooperating with rescue stations around the country, the 13321 rescue station recipients helped to find their family members.It is also the 4877th missing person successfully found after cooperating with local public security.Toutiao.com is a free public welfare project facing the whole country, dedicated to helping all kinds of families to find lost people. Its principle is to pop up the information of missing people near the missing place, and with the help of toutiao.com’s huge users, the chances of witnesses helping to find people are greatly improved.Successful cases in the past have confirmed that the precise regional pop-up of the headline search has a high success rate for the elderly lost in a short period of time, patients with mental disorders and other people with low mobility.Solemnly declare: Toutiao search is a free public welfare project facing the whole country, we will not charge any fee for the search service.Please do not believe any stranger through the phone, SMS request you to remit, transfer money, or pay for the information of looking for people, beware of being cheated!