Parents are relieved that the Ministry of Education regulates primary and secondary school enrollment and forbids collecting parents’ positions and income

2022-06-03 0 By

There are some uncomfortable things that some schools can do when it comes to enrolling.For example, when filling in the data, collect the parents’ position and income.Some schools also need to provide pre-school education experience, proof of vaccination and so on, which makes people feel speechless and helpless.Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a document regulating the registration and enrollment of middle and primary schools.To sum up, it standardizes the collection of information, optimizes the information required for registration, and restricts the enrollment of private schools.The enrollment experience has improved and education has become more equitable.Prior to the ban on collecting parents’ jobs and income, it was reported online that many local schools were using various means to collect parents’ work units, positions, income and other information, which caused a heated debate.Many parents are worried that their children will be treated differently.Education should be non-discriminatory and students should not be treated differently, especially according to the status and income of parents.In fact, information other than contact information, home address and parents’ names is not necessary for students to study.The Ministry of Education also regulated, “Students’ basic information, home address and parents’ names and contact information should be collected, but parents’ job title and income information are strictly prohibited.Information collection work should be collected at the time of enrollment, and it is not allowed to use various apps and small programs to collect students’ information repeatedly.”Under clear regulations, information collection will presumably be standardized in the future, and parents can also breathe a sigh of relief.If the school collects information about parents’ job title and income, it is in violation.Parents can report it to local education authorities.In elementary school enrollment, you are sometimes asked to provide all kinds of information, such as proof of vaccination.This also leads to a rush of vaccinations at community hospitals before enrollment.Do not play is not good, because the school needs, parents are helpless, can only line up for vaccination.That will change starting this year.”Unnecessary proof materials such as pre-school education experience, family planning certificates and proof of being older than normal school age will be removed from the list,” the regulation said.Vaccination certificate is not a prerequisite for admission. Students can be asked to provide it immediately after the semester starts.As a result, when entering primary school, registration information will be simplified a lot.From changsha’s primary school registration data, has been optimized a lot.Need information on 3-4, under normal circumstances, only parents and children’s household registration, real estate certificate, parents’ ID card is enough, the experience of enrollment is also better.The recruit students that restricted run by the local people school has many ground this year many run by the local people school turns public, Changsha also has 5 schools this year people turns public.The remaining private schools, which do not have to convert to public institutions, are also restricted in their enrollment areas.In the standards of primary and secondary school enrollment, the enrollment of private schools has also been standardized.”The enrollment of privately-run compulsory education schools shall be subject to the unified management of the examination and approval areas, and the enrollment needs of students of the county (district) where the school is located shall be given priority. If the county where the school is located is not satisfied with the enrollment and the examination and approval authority is the education administrative department of the government at the city or prefecture level or above, it may properly enroll students of different counties within the jurisdiction of the examination and approval authority.”The enrollment of privately-run schools can only meet the enrollment of local districts first, and only in the case of unsatisfactory enrollment, can the enrollment of cross-district students be approved by the education department.Enrollment is limited, private schools selective enrollment will also be improved.At the same time, when the number of enrollment is greater than the number of enrollment plans, but also to adopt a computer random admission.It further limits the possibility of private schools recruiting top students.In addition to the above three aspects, there are some norms, many places have already implemented.For example, schools plan to recruit students from nearby areas, curb cross-regional enrollment of elite high schools, and prevent early enrollment, and crack down on immigration for college entrance exams.As a whole, the distribution of educational resources will be more equitable.