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1. The ticket for the second board must be the fastest one with the highest market popularity in the morning.2, graphics including the day line timesharing strength is more important.Wrong operation, generally I will not let the error to expand, sell is likely to limit again, I would rather put energy on the correct operation.Before half a warehouse, now it is impossible.5. How to solve the problem of trading rhythm in the process of trading?Each stage trades pattern to differ, this can be a kind of ego state of mind adjustment only, after forming stable trade pattern, the risk that sees you can bear is how much, slow person often always is slow half pat, fast person drops limit cut limit sweep.5, I started in 2007 300,000, 13 years ago every day to play a low plate workload is very strong, but also their own stable mode, then turned to pull, 13 and 15 years change hands very high, after the basic is very low, and recently a little more, your mode since the stability does not need to change, is going to do chaos.Stock selection logic is actually the subject matter plus more than expected, but before you can close your eyes to play more than expected, now the understanding of more than expected needs to be deepened.Diving is not a bad thing, every opportunity is to jump out, the bosses are waiting for the diving, but the high ticket in hand to pay attention to the risk.8, a board is basically platoon, even pull mostly sweep, do these two modes of character is two extremes, want to participate in no foundation is not good, I do not do a board usually open time is more idle.9, individual only focus on their own don’t tube stock market, your money on the account will increase, not good to make money, you must first learn to do things, 18 years after one side when rates of children, have been in losses, I have been watching beside his behavior, the reverse and I said these words,Later, a lot of practical results taught him, and then he slowly changed. In 19 years, he did 10 times. Many people asked me how to view him, and MY answer was that others did the right thing.10, means trivial could speak only hold doesn’t mean they can’t participate in bibcock, real leader should be everyone can get involved, just constantly in the process of getting substitution, not by the words and the drop-off of sealing plate every day, for me, the bellwether let it how several board, and then are involved in time,The so-called mature approach is only when the market is bad to do less or liquidation, if it is a bull market leading should be day by day have months have.11, five years before I did the first board, after all dare not to drink water, because there is no time to go to the toilet pan, even for a time even I quit smoke, plank son really takes a lot of work, but it is also suitable for ground first plate of the workload will be really hard, but which have not hard to make money, even the board is also very hard,It may seem like there are very few stocks to watch, but there are a lot of things to think about every day.12, luck is certainly occupies a very important part of that person’s ego state is not good, good luck often also not too will follow you, only this time to adjust, just play CARDS to play mahjong, for example, the lose the bet, bet the more more, but the stock is work, rather than playing CARDS entertainment, so can not so capricious.13, level is poor, I don’t know how to understand, if you are referring to the novice or tens of thousands of dollars in funds, I think now you should be happy, at this stage you can bold trial and error, the every kind of mode is to give it a try, and record the process, ultimately determines which one is the most suitable model, remember before a young man and I chat of time said,Tens of thousands of dollars when continuous trial and error, and lost with wages and warehouse, after serious study, can now be stable after two years of profitable, you mentioned that you can also make money in the form of theory, before we are calculated according to the opportunity of once a week, every week until despair when enter the arena, is just like a bull market, when choosing the diving play every day is the same, is the rhythm.14, poor, most of the model is failure, especially the high mode not only failure, but will also have a negative effect, is generally in a market or sector, start-up, high mode is effective, you can think so, if the main body not only ticket with height, back those who follow him flange to you?The pattern has been changing, there is no need to keep an eye on one not put, the effect of making money will not change the four words, so to observe the trend of the market, the average person is only willing to listen to good words, if BEFORE I in the illusion of prosperity, say these let everyone depressed, most people certainly do not listen to.In fact, for most people, is more important than the offensive defense, now the market must pay attention to defense, control their positions, as well the market good you will have a feeling, how to do all to make money, sometimes even wrong ticket, because the market is good also can live out, and the market is not good, the cost of mistakes can be very high, so the warehouse to do well,In general, if a periodic rally, most people can make money, but a lot of people keep the profit, keep profits, a to warehouse control must depend on setting, retreat in quotation stage, the market in full swing, general and earnings expectations, if this time within the pattern of ticket lost two consecutive pen will alert, began to reduce positions,And dropping point is set according to the different of your risk tolerance, you can set the between 10% and 20% of the total position, once the loss to this extent, absolutely can’t do anything radical operation, short positions to reflect or lower positions can be, and now there is a kind of culture, think the left hand cut down the right hand harden is level, we did at the time,First of all, there is a strong plate support, and this plate is the absolute mainstream, can last for a period of time, in the plate washing stage, some votes behind, some votes out, then cut the lagging immediately to catch up with the votes out.This is the same plate to abandon the weak stay strong, now a lot of this kind of behavior is not logical, cut the ticket has not seen clearly, chase the ticket is not strong at all, can only slap back and forth.Three, to oneself have a clear understanding, can survive in this market, the most sensitive, even in a bear market can make, and the smart money like losers, trial and error when there are big opportunities, their response is very sensitive, will immediately heavy attack, but the vast majority of people is not this level, a lot of people the bull market to make money, bear market lost money,Finally busy down nothing, if you have a clear understanding of their level, then in the bear market to the lowest expectations, the last bull market earned to hold, survive, and wait for the next model, this kind of person is also able to succeed.Four, problems to adjust good state of mind, consistently profitable, mentality is relatively good, and the continuing losses, after a lot of people will have a strange state of mind, is the more lose more afraid of losing, will appear this kind of phenomenon, the reason is that after a lot of people lost money in a hurry back to this, always dream about a stock will lose money all back, positions raising more money, even lose more more,Continuous losses must be calm, through empty positions and position control, the state of mind adjustment, to wait for the next wave of stage market.5. Give up part of the profits appropriately and wait for a clear view before entering the market. When the first wave of Guizhou gas rose last year, I was already abroad.Because despair, after I come back, my first wave light warehouse involved in guizhou gas, because warehouse control problem is equal to I didn’t earn much money, but the real market will give everyone a chance, so people in guizhou guizhou gas second wave, I am heavy warehouse to get involved, the subsequent I have participated in the performance of march, the market now is very desperate,May lately have rebounded, but do a good job in defense even if will rebound in the first wave of profits, loss of subsequent absolutely have the chance to play, I hope I write these things to be able to provide you with some help, even after the encounter this bad market now, also can reduce the retracement, keep profits, fry the road way for resistance and long long heart.15, after a big loss of reflection is the most important, here and share with you my experience of doing even board in the current market, one, to see whether it exceeds expectations.Second, in the case of bad market conditions, for example, RECENTLY I will reduce the position appropriately and solve the risk of opening the board by row withdrawal sheet. If I feel not quite right, the ticket row will give up once it blows up.3, the strength of the dish mouth that the stock should observe after trading limit is opened before the board, it is to drive the ticket of whole market atmosphere, still be driven by the ticket of market atmosphere place, dish mouth he can tell you certainly.Four, roughly ensure that today can seal in trading, because of the existence of the current market button, high unit attack the retracement range of failure in 20%-30% or so.If able to seal the day and the next day recycle 10% at most, for do strong stocks, the size of the retreat I think is acceptable, so this week, for example, 46475 are operating in this way, I agree with the brothers, at the same time the position can be shored up votes, even no joy coast, there will be someone to seal,If the market even board mood into a period of extreme panic, most people do not dare to touch even board, I will only pay attention to the first and third experience, that is, a look at whether to exceed expectations, three stocks did not board before observing its strength, is to drive the market atmosphere, or to be driven.16, we discussed these days only see technical, don’t consider the subject of individual stocks, the fundamentals can do technique well, the answer is sure can, the technical research, analysis clearly what approach even in market diving can also be sealed, can survive in the market, and this method may not have ten times a year, 20 times as hyperbole,But can be stable profit every year, when bad, may be a few days did not conform to the pattern of individual stocks, will naturally short positions, the market is too want to make money and live down, to those who are afraid of losing money, so want to make money, although the downtrend retracement, but at least the climax he earned money,And those who are afraid of losing money when the climax of the people dare not on the position, but the market they also dare not get on the car, so they return to the car is also small, the most afraid of is a person, she wants to make money, and afraid of losing money, toss back and forth, back and forth around, jump pit entanglement is these people.You said I have a deep experience, the market is good who does not want to earn a little more, but there is no difference in the market, how to let a person do it?The screen is full of open top word, who should buy?At the beginning of the market, there are some differences. Once we start the trading limit with all the consistency, at least we will end the trading limit in the first stage. Sorry, what we leave you is only calm.