Talk less about feelings and more about money, Ren Zhengfei did not break his word, there are “people” is so bold

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What memorable words did Ren Zhengfei ever say?In my opinion, there are 3 sentences: 1, talk less about feelings more about money;2. Invest at least 10% of revenue in scientific research every year;Huawei fell, there are thousands of “Huawei” will stand out!Each of these words made people excited, and Ren Zhengfei did not go back on his word, one by one, and all the “prediction” is accurate.Why do you say that?First of all, Huawei’s revenue in 2021 is only 634 billion yuan, a decline of nearly 30% compared with 891.4 billion yuan in 2020. However, huawei’s r&d investment in 2021 is still as high as 124 billion yuan, accounting for 19.6% of the annual revenue, far higher than the standard of 10%.Secondly, in such difficult circumstances, ren zhengfei, still adhere to the “little talk about feelings much talking money”, spent 50 billion yuan bonus, on average, almost every employee can get hundreds of thousands of “the year of the tiger red envelope”, even if huawei has met an unprecedented predicament, but ren still won’t give employees painted flowers, but real rewards for employees.Then many people may wonder why Huawei decided to pay 50 billion yuan to its employees in such a difficult time.Where is the confidence?This is related to the third sentence of Ren Mentioned above. Ren zhengfei’s prediction was correct. Although Huawei encountered difficulties, there was indeed a “second Huawei”, which freed Huawei from worries.As is known to all, huawei was the global and domestic high-end mobile phone market dominant, but limited to broken core, slump in huawei’s market share, apple picking up the leak, but the domestic mobile phone brand is not watching the Chinese market in foreign brands hands, stand up so millet, announced the “three years to win the domestic high-end mobile phone market share” goal,And as Lei Jun said, “Xiaomi to the full standard iPhone.”Xiaomi is not just talking about it. Xiaomi ushered in the first important meeting of the Year of the Tiger right after it started work. It discussed the “high-end strategy” and determined the plan of “investing more than 100 billion yuan in scientific research in five years”.In the absence of huawei’s Mate50 series, xiaomi’s mi 12 series got off to a good start.While there are already a few models on the market with the Snapdragon 8 processor, the Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro are far ahead in terms of their first month shipments, and none of the other models combined could surpass the Mi 12 series.Among them, Mi 12 Pro is also favored by more high-end mobile phone users, becoming the top android phone seller in the 4000+ price range on and Tmall in January.After the release of iPhone13 series, the domestic high-end flagship phone market has almost become the “home ground” of Apple, and domestic phones are also under pressure to “fight”. Fortunately, the release of Mi 12 series has contained the madness of iPhone13 series, which is also considered as a breath of contention for domestic high-end flagship phones.The reason why Mi 12 series can be recognized by consumers has a lot to do with xiaomi’s adherence to self-research. Mi 12 series has super fast photo taking experience, thanks to the self-developed CyberFocus technology, and super long battery life performance. Thanks to the self-developed Papercharging chip P1,The Mi 12 series has excellent use experience, thanks to xiaomi’s excellent tuning ability of the Snapdragon 8 processor.And huawei is relieved that all this has come to an end.Even if huawei’s handset business does not return to normal for a while, it can take its time.What do you think about that?