Police are not above the law: Family of Black Man Shot by POLICE

2022-05-29 0 By

On February 2, Amir Locke, an African-American man, was shot and killed by police in Minneapolis during a no-knock search.The incident sparked renewed protests in the United States.The funeral and memorial service for Amir Locke was held on The 17th. Locke’s family and others once again condemned the racial discrimination and violence of the police.Karen Wells, MOTHER of VICTIM ROCK: On February 2, 2022, those “thugs” of the Minneapolis POLICE Department executed my son, my wonderful son, in less than nine seconds.How dare you, you are not above the law.You’re a joke, Minneapolis P.D. you searched for hours and found nothing, nothing, nothing, you found nothing.Victims of Locke’s aunt Linda Taylor: please stop the police need more training, so as when our white brothers and sisters at gunpoint, you are very good at the situation often downgrade, we just hope you can have in dealing with a color the same restraint, this is what we are looking for.Al SHARPTON, African-American CIVIL Rights LEADER: If the city of Minneapolis had passed a law banning no-knock searches, we wouldn’t be at this funeral this morning.Andre LOVA, FATHER of VICTIM LOK: Justice for Amir Lok, we have to pass the no-knock search law, we have to pass this, it will save a lot of lives.