“Mom, life is so precious, I want to hug you.”

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Luzhou youth useful | | | | fun attitude “youth exclusive WeChat public number” on March 30th, # a firefighter at the scene of the China Eastern airlines flight accident disposal diary # refresh.”As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will do our best.””Mom, life is precious. I want to hug you.””The first time to wear adult diapers, I was a little shy” “plane debris like snowflakes all over the mountains”……Teng Xingwen, who was born in 1994, is a fireman of nanning Fire rescue Detachment special Service Station 2.On March 21, 2022, he was selected as the first rescue team to reinforce Wuzhou and rushed to teng County.During the handling of the accident in Wuzhou, he recorded his own journey.That afternoon, I was in the study room at Secret Service Station 2, transcribing notes from my book.Suddenly an electric bell rang, and I dropped my pen and jogged to the fire truck, ready to go out with it as usual.Captain Wang Jiangang grabbed me and said calmly, “Quickly count the number of people and equipment, reinforcements wuzhou Teng county!”Before I could react, the Wang team had taken out the list of players, one by one to select the personnel reinforcements for the first game.”This reinforcement must be a heavy task, requires the players solid business skills, good psychological quality, physical ability to keep up.”The Kings quickly named their reinforcements, and I was one of the first.Without enough time to pick up personal belongings and check the equipment, my teammates and I hurried to Wuzhou.On the way, I learned about the accident in front of me from my mobile phone, and felt that I had met a “big thing”.There was only one thought in my mind. As long as there was a glimmer of hope, I would do my best.▽ Firefighters arrive and gather to get ready for battle; Sleepless night at 21 p.m., reinforcements arrive at the rally point.The situation at the scene is complex. The headquarters at the scene are discussing and formulating corresponding rescue measures with business backbone and experts.We set up a makeshift camp and waited for orders.Close to midnight, we will be temporary shelter set up, wuzhou hot and stuffy weather, coupled with the rescue eager, almost unable to sleep, sleepless night.I called my mother at night and told her I was at the crash site. She told me to pay attention to safety and save as many as I could.I touched my face, tears were wet, I said: “Mom, life is precious, I want to hug you.”Before dawn, the team began business training, there are experts to explain to us air disaster search and rescue matters needing attention and work discipline.Search and rescue is the first, at the same time excavated remains to be collected and handed over to the public security criminal technology department, body remains to be handed over to the civil aviation expert group for analysis.Command forward, prepare to enter the mountain!My teammates and I stood in the wind, feeling a great responsibility on our shoulders.When I came to the scene, I saw the debris of the plane all over the mountains like snowflakes. The roads around the scene of the accident were frequented by people and vehicles. Several large construction machinery were densely distributed in the limited operation area of the scene to open the way for the rescue.Epidemic prevention work should not be neglected, disinfection of hands before entering the mountain, wearing protective caps, masks, protective clothing, gloves, masks, overshoes……Covering every inch of exposed skin.The middle of the protective suit can not be removed, it is not convenient to go to the bathroom, the captain prepared diapers for us in advance.I was a little shy putting on adult diapers for the first time in my life.▽ Teng Xingwen, who is carrying out the search work, divided the search area into grids, organized the operation, and took turns to go to battle. A group of six people were organized into a rope team, specializing in tackling steep and difficult slopes.We turned over a mountain looking for survivors, steep slopes, overgrowing weeds, part of the slope and the level of 70 degrees Angle, more difficult to climb, my teammates and I have not given up, can not walk the road, we on the nearby tree trunk on a fulcrum, the other end of the knot and down, inch by inch search all areas.Night came, we took out the mobile lighting lamp group, portable strong lights, teammates cooperate with each other, together, the whole mountain was illuminated by the stars.The next day, when the weather in Wuju turned cold, the support team sent thermal underwear and we began to dig and search the core area.Combined with the landing gear, emergency positioning transmitter and other physical evidence found earlier, experts comprehensively determined the location of the black box, constantly corrected the digging direction, and gradually narrowed the search area to lock key areas.I got a call to transfer a set of large wings on a hillside.Because of the weight of the wing and the soft soil, it sank deep into the earth after falling, making it difficult to maintain its integrity during transport.The rescue team cooperated, in the tree stump knot double descent to find the point of focus, fixed the tail of the wing, bare hands to remove the soil, so that it slipped on the wooden row, using ropes and wooden levers slowly raised, avoid a piece of wreckage in the middle of the plane, successfully transferred the wing.On the night of November 23, thunder rolled and heavy rain fell over Tengxian.On The 24th, we received the order to search 1.5 times as much as yesterday to search for the black box.The site of sludge, water, potholes, wet feet.I think the plane flew down, a large black box probability is the bottom of the mountain, went to the bottom of the search, I go to the bottom step, established after the start digging, imperceptible feet have been covered by dirt, digging for a while, feeling leg is a little cold, a look at the thighs have stalled, no matter how I move batu unable to move,I took a hoe to think of digging his thigh next to the soil, but the deeper and deeper, the mud around with mud water has been flowing down.When the captain saw what was going on, he grabbed my safety rope and pulled me up with one swing.Looking back at the mire, the shoe had left in it.Captain immediately to the scene of search and rescue personnel tips, soft soil after the rain, be sure to pay attention to the foot, do a good job of safety protection.Several of his teammates even suffered from heat stroke during the search.The captain divided the personnel into several formations and took turns to ensure physical strength.When I finish my day’s work, my goggles are full of mist, my nose seems to collapse, and my ears hurt from the rope of my mask.What was the happiest moment there?A large 2-liter bottle of mineral water.Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp.In case of injury, we wore rescue suits on the inside and isolation suits on the outside.”I just put on the isolation suit and I started sweating before I even did anything,” the teammate said.”When I raised my hand there was a stream of water running down my arm.”His teammates took off their fire-rescue boots, and sweat poured from them like rain.”Shoes are like water on a rainy day.”His teammates said.Every day when a firefighter returns to the station, he feels like he is in a state of exhaustion. He does not want to eat, but he has to endure.Even though it was hard, we all stuck to it, and none of us said we wanted to give up.We all worked as hard as we could, all wanting to go faster!Faster!Hang in there!Hang in there!Try to find the black box!There are also psychological doctors on site to do psychological assessment for the team members and help the personnel on site to solve psychological problems.After each search and rescue, the team immediately held the war evaluation summary commendation meeting, the captain for us to read the detachment sent a letter of sympathy, greatly encouraged the team morale.I am the “flame blue” in the rescue position at the gate met the victims’ families, we collective attention, hats off, bow, silent bow for the victims, the audience honked horns, I with a sad mood silently pray for the victims.Although there are no superheroes in this world, each and every one of us is a light in the night. Let fireflies merge into a river of stars to illuminate the way home for the deceased.On The 27th, I was ordered to go back to Yongjijian with my team, and some of my team members stayed behind to continue the search.For seven days, we worked with thousands of people from across the country to deal with air accidents.Together, we have completed the search for the black box and found more than 30,000 pieces of wreckage and debris, covering a total search area of more than 9 million square meters.I am proud that I am privileged to be a part of the search and rescue team.Source: Communist Youth League Central editor | Xi Shan School reviewer | Zou Ying Editorial committee | Xie Yu