Long wheelbase BMW X5 to domestic, more than 500,000 do you buy?

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Recently, many of my friends want to buy a large SUV, and they all like BMW X5.I think they chose the BMW X5 because the former has always been the leader in the luxury large SUV category and its reputation is unquestionable.Moreover, its handling and ride comfort are excellent in BBA.In the end, the price and the discount offered by the distributor may be reasonable.Of course, BMW X5 has been able to sell on its own strength.From the debut of the first generation BMW X5, BMW first put forward the concept of “SAV”, SAV is Sports Activity Vehicle, also known as sport utility Vehicle. Different from the name of “SUV” in the automobile market, BMW endows SAV models with consideration of off-road performance, road handling performance and comfort performance.The all-around BMW X5 really delivers.The X5, BMW’s first SAV, is already equipped with four-wheel drive, dynamic stability control (DSC) and steep and gentle descent Assistance (HDC) to help it navigate uncharted roads.At that time, it can be said that the existence of the industry pioneer, also laid a good reputation of X5 in the industry.The first generation OF BMW X52006, the second generation of BMW X5 came, it has a wider body than the previous generation, and the appearance of the model has become quite aggressive, mellow angel eye headlights, with full muscle sense of the tail, quite in line with the aesthetic demand of the car market in those days.And because of the larger body, the second-generation X5 began offering a third-row, seven-seater design.The second generation of the BMW X5 in 2013, after seven years of the second generation x 5 formal was replaced by the third generation X5, generation x 5 more fashion diligence in terms of appearance, and more advanced building cars with F chassis technology, such as lightweight body design, let its car heavy compared to the second generation of shedding 90 kilograms, can bring more light control to experience.So far, this generation of BMW X5 began to walk into Thousands of Chinese households.In 2018, the fourth-generation BMW X5 was officially launched, replacing the previous generation X5 with a relatively short life cycle.The former brings a breakthrough design, with x-shaped intelligent laser headlights and 3D suspended taillights echoing from end to end.Large hexagonal double kidney intake grille and dynamic waist line at one go, the visual effect takes on a new look.The 4th generation BMW X5 interior is also quite elegant!From the exquisitely crafted interior design, the dynamic and intelligent breathing lighting atmosphere to the meticulously polished crystal texture bar, the new BMW X5 luxury texture interior integrates with technological innovation.The seventh generation iDrive human-computer interaction system and the twin 12.3-inch large screen complement each other, with the driver-centric attitude, the details perfectly demonstrate BMW’s deep understanding of the new generation of luxury and technology.To know, cash imported BMW X5 sales momentum is strong, in 2021 in the Chinese market sales of more than 50,000 units, with strong product force, firmly suppress the sales of other models at the same level.Indeed, in the temperament of this BMW or take hold of the dead, which is why my friends want to choose it.However, I told them they could wait because the long wheelbase BMW X5 was coming to China.In the last two weeks, BMW China’s wechat official account has posted two tweets about the BMW X5. Is this a hint that the long-wheelbase version of BMW X5 will be officially unveiled soon?According to sources, it may be shown at the Beijing auto Show.Luxury brands, including BBA, have long had an unwritten rule not to sell their flagship models in China.Until now, BMW had not made its own X5 because it is BMW’s flagship SUV.But now, with the full-size X7 as the flagship of the family, the X5 can naturally be lowered to introduce domestic products.For BMW Brilliance, the change of enterprise share ratio is also one of the factors that spawned X5 domestic.As early as October 2018, Brilliance Auto signed an agreement with BMW Group, in which BMW Group planned to buy 25% of the shares of BRILLIANCE BMW Joint venture with 3.6 billion euros, changing the shareholding ratio between BMW and Brilliance from 50:50 to 75% for BMW and 25% for Brilliance.The agreement comes into force in 2022.At that time, 75% of the shares will also give BMW an absolute say in the BMW Brilliance joint venture, which is almost the same as tesla. Therefore, the Domestic X5 is not a joint venture car, but a foreign-owned car like Tesla.Just as the domestic iX3 was exported to Europe before, the X5 made in China in the future may not only be sold in The Chinese market, but also have the possibility of being exported to overseas markets.According to the report, in the power part, the long wheelbase version of domestic X5 will provide two models, respectively for X5 xDrive30Li and X5 xDrive40Li, carrying B48 2.0T four-cylinder engine and B58 3.0T six-cylinder engine.Among them, the declared power of 30Li is 180kW, and the declared power of 40Li is 245kW, which meet the choice of consumers with different needs.Moreover, compared with the cash imported X5, the wheelbase of domestic X5 increased by 130mm, and the wheelbase of 3105mm is exactly the same as the flagship X7 model, the comfort of the second row can be imagined.According to the habits of Chinese consumers, at the same price, the bigger the space, the more popular the model.As you can imagine, the long wheelbase version of the domestic X5 debut that day, the order must not!Of course, for domestic X5, most people are concerned about its price, we take the 699,900 2.0t X5 as an example, as a pure imported model, its car price is bound to include 15% import tariffs.And because the actual displacement of its 2.0t engine is 1998ml, which falls within the range of 1.5-2.0 liters stipulated in China, the consumption tax is 5%.In other words, without taking into account the cost of localization and transportation cost reduction, the tax rate alone will reduce the domestic model by 20%, at least 140,000 yuan.So theoretically speaking, the same configuration, the same power specifications of domestic X5 30I models, the guiding price can easily do 560,000.This is only the optimal price. Currently, Mercedes GLE is selling well on the basis of 69.98 starting price, so there is no need for the long wheelbase version of Domestic X5 to drop the price to 560,000 yuan.After all, profit margin is also an important consideration for BMW Group in the Chinese market. Too low pricing will cause dealers to lose flexible preferential space in the later stage.Therefore, to sum up, I predict that the starting price of the long wheelbase version of Domestic X5 in the future should be set at about 600,000 yuan, and it is most likely that the starting price will be set at about 590,000 yuan starting with the number 5 for the visual impact of marketing.I have jumped early “prophet”, do not know you have heart.