General Liu Xiyuan, who had been overthrown by the censors, was informed to go to the general Administration. He thought: What’s the matter?

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One day, general Liu Xiyuan, the former deputy director of the General Political Department who was under investigation, was informed to go to the general Political Department. He thought to himself: What do you want with me?General Liu Xiyuan was born in an ordinary peasant family in Ji ‘an County, Jiangxi Province in 1917. At the age of 12, in order to reduce the family burden, Liu Xiyuan went to a cloth shop in Ji ‘an city as an apprentice.In October 1930, the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army entered the county, revolutionary youth enthusiastically joined the army, Liu Xiyuan also followed everyone to participate in the red Army team, followed the Red Army for the poor.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Liu Xikang served as political instructor of 686 regiment battalion, 343 Brigade, 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army, political commissary of the regiment, political commissary of Lunan Detachment, political commissary of the sixth Regiment of the Second Brigade, and political commissary of binbei Military Region of the Coastal military Region.He participated in pingxing guan, Wucheng, Jinggou and other battles, in 1939 as political commissar of 686 regiment, with the 115th division main force from western Jin into western Shandong, led the troops to participate in yuncheng, Fan Ba campaign, lu Fang siege and so on.In Fei County, lunan opened up the Anti Japanese base area, and participated in the opening of the jiaoji Railway in the north, the Longhai Railway in the south, the Yi River in the west, and the Yellow Sea in the east.During the War of Liberation, he came to northeast China and served as the commander and commissar of tonghua Detachment, the division commander and commissar of the independent second Division, the deputy political commissar of the third column of the Northeast Field Army and the deputy political commissar of the 47th Army of the Fourth Field Army.In 1947, the Northeast Democratic United Army carried out offensive operations in summer, autumn and winter, as well as liaoshen and Pingjin battles.When serving as the deputy political commissar of the Third Longitudinal, he carried out the education of complaint and three checks, which effectively improved the morale of the troops.In March 1949, transfer the fourth field army army deputy political commissar, 47 directed into the central south, after the battle of HengBao, in southwest of the second field army battle, the liberation of chongqing, in the long-term struggle in the environment he fought north and south, fear no sacrifice and morale, galloping to dispatch a sublime DiDan, for the liberation of new China established the indelible meritorious service.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, after the outbreak of the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, he served as the political commissar of the 38th Army of the Chinese People’s Volunteers.In the first battle, he and fellow soldiers with ji ‘an commander Liang Xingchu because of misinformation heard under the mistranslated aircraft, mistook the South Korean army as a black American regiment, so that the enemy escaped, by peng Dehuai commander of severe criticism.After the war, in the summary meeting of the 38th Army, the participants did not say a word. Liu Xiyuan thought the meeting was a little dull, so he took the lead to stand up and self-criticism:”As commander Liang Xingchu is certainly responsible for our failure in the first battle. As secretary of the Army Party Committee and political commissar of the Army, I also bear the inescapable responsibility, which should be shared by all of us. The key is to show the authority of the 38th Army in future battles.”The commissar stood up and took the initiative to share the responsibility, like a warm current. All the division leaders and commissar also spoke actively and expressed their determination to fight the second battle.After the second battle began, the 38th Army directed its troops to attack the enemy by using the tactics of distance first, close second, flanking first and then frontal attack, according to the deployment of the volunteer headquarters.112th from November 25, 1950, 16 to 30 points, fierce plug, south of the 26th noon occupation of tokugawa west in chamaecyparis pisifera, cut off the syngman rhee pseudo seven division of west road, November 26, 38 army divisions in their ears, stormed from all directions, the enemy under cover in the plane twice attempted to break through all failed,Fighting to 7 PM, the enemy of the tokugawa most fighters, also captured a U.S. military advisory group, colonel, lieutenant colonel, major five, annihilation tokugawa a division, the south Korean army occupied three centers, longyuan, prevent the enemy fled south north, crushed by the United Nations general offensive, that ended the Korean war before Christmas for something, the victory of the battle of reversing the Korean war,Played an important role.Just after the Spring Festival of 1951, the americans and involved more than 20 ten thousand people start using “magnetic tactics” and “fire tactics” fight back to me, Liang Xingchu and Liu Xiyuan 38 army command, holdout 17 days and nights, to resist western military attack, forces for the eastern route I volunteer at the city launched strikes back to win the precious time, thus has the prominent success,By the volunteers and the Joint Department of the Korean People’s Army report praise.One afternoon in late March 1951, as a volunteer group of returning Liu Xiyuan accompanied by XiaoHua, assistant director of the general political, had a cordial meeting with by chairman MAO, chairman MAO asked the Korean battlefield situation, and feasted, chairman MAO ask for details of voluntary army soldiers in the battle in front of the life, Liu Xiyuan for chairman MAO made a detailed report.MAO’s reception lasted more than four hours. Soon after, Liu xiyuan returned to the Korean front to convey MAO’s care and instructions to his troops, which greatly boosted their morale.In May 1952, Liu xiyuan was transferred back to China and served as deputy director of the Youth Department of the General Political Department of the People’s Liberation Army. In September 1955, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general. At the age of 38, he was the youngest person to become a lieutenant general of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.In September 1964, he was transferred to head of the Organization Department of the General Political Department.In June 1967, he became deputy Director of the General Political Department.During the Cultural Revolution, Liu xiyuan adhered to principles, was loyal to the Party, and tried to protect the defeated cadres.One day on the National Day of 1968, he was informed to the general Administration, followed the bearer to the general Administration, a head of the general administration informed him: “Premier Zhou asked you to come out, you are ready to prepare, on the National Day to attend the National Day viewing ceremony in Tiananmen Square.”In this way, under the care of Premier Zhou, Liu Xiyuan was liberated and on October 1, 1968, boarded tian ‘anmen to attend the National Day viewing ceremony.In July 1969, Liu Xiyuan was appointed to the lanzhou military region deputy political commissar, came to the northwest frontier, after he went to the lanzhou military region, went around every corner of the northwestern frontier border posts, condolences to see in the first line of the border soldiers stand guard on duty border, bring them warmth, praised by the great majority of guard frontier outpost officers and men.In January 1973, he was transferred to the Deputy Political Commissar of Nanjing Military Area Command, continuing to make contributions to the modernization, revolutionization, intellectualization and normalization of the army.In December 1983, the central committee of the Communist Party of China, central military commission approval, Comrade Liu Xiyuan retires, enjoy big military area duty treatment, retires after recuperation, he is still very concerned about the construction of the party country and the army and development, do not forget the original heart, bear in mind zong Gang, maintained an old communist party member and the model of the proletarian revolutionist of the old generation.