Daughter gets married, the mother wants to cut a piece of meat on the spot, the mother cries to cut, net friend: bad practice

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As the saying goes: the child is a piece of meat falling off the mother.No matter how big this piece of meat grows, it is the mother’s deepest concern.Especially the daughter, the spoiled daughter, once married to someone else left the mother’s line of sight, but also let the mother worry about, miss day and night.In some places, the mother will throw a bowl of water on the daughter when she gets married. The implication is that the water thrown out by the married daughter will become an outsider in the future.There are also some places when the daughter gets married, let the daughter cut a steamed bread, the implication is: from now on separated with the family, and then came to become a guest.In some places, the mother will cut a piece of meat on the spot, which is called “leaving the mother’s meat”.Customs vary from place to place.When a daughter gets married, her mother tears herself up.On February 10, 2022, a woman in Huaibei, Anhui province got up early to dress up and wait for the groom to pick her up.It was supposed to be a happy thing.Who knows, according to the local customs, not to the bride’s mother on the spot to cut a piece of “from niang meat”, meaning: niang fell off the meat completely left niang, later is no longer relatives, but relatives!A large piece of pork was placed on the table, and the girl’s mother, with a sorrowful face, took the knife to cut the meat on the table. When the meat was cut more than half, the mother could not help putting down the knife, squatted on the ground and cried, saying that she would not cut the meat.Others took her hand and insisted that she cut it off according to custom, and tears fell from the eyes of others at the sight.Netizens have commented: bad habits, should abandon!Netizen Feng Sanran said: I don’t understand, how can you become someone else’s family?What’s the difference between a son and daughter?Another netizen said: “Getting married is also my home, my mother is still my mother, why don’t you say your home?Netizen Newhuru said: I only have a daughter, can not have these bad habits, even if married is my only baby.Netizens have been saying: it is suggested to cancel such a custom, there are girls can not this picture.Xiaoxi point of view: no matter cut steamed bread or meat or water splashing, it is the cultural dregs left by the feudal society.Sons and daughters are brought up by their mothers with great pains. Why should they not be a family if they marry?When Xiaoxi got married, there was a local custom of splashing water, that is, before the bride went out, let the mother of the bride pour a bowl of water outside the door, meaning that the water poured out by the married daughter, and then come to relatives.Dawn’s mother firmly refused this move, her mother said: my daughter even if married or my daughter, is my baby, no “spilled water” such a thing.Xiao Xi was moved to tears, mother is mother, no matter when, love my people will always be mother, where will become relatives?Now pay attention to equality between men and women, after marriage, by two families to help the bride and groom together to form a new family, from now on the groom more than a pair of parents, the bride also more than a pair of parents.No matter which parent is in trouble, the couple is duty-bound to help them out, which is the correct value of marriage.It is not a woman who becomes a member of someone else’s family after she gets married, and then becomes a relative when she returns to her mother’s family. She has to see others’ facial expression even when she has a meal.Some traditions are worthy of my inheritance, such as: filial piety to parents, such as: respect teachers and respect the way.However, some traditions are cultural dregs, abandon the feudal cultural dregs imperative, do not let the equality of men and women become an empty talk.Daughter-in-law does not get up in the morning, but also asleep, father-in-law has sent rice to bed for her man with the father-in-law to play mahjong entertainment, after losing, the father-in-law press in the bed play peevish