2-0, the fourth Asian team to reach the final, the first ever sword title, China may be in its way

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The women’s Asian Football Cup semifinal between The Philippines, ranked 64th in the world and no. 13 in Asia, and South Korea, ranked 18th in the world, took on the Philippines at 4pm Beijing time on February 3, 2022.South Korean women’s football in the quarter-final eliminated Asia Australia ranked second, when the group before they draw a World Cup champion Japanese women’s football team, show a good state, and the Philippines in the quarter final 90 minutes when the draw with Chinese Taipei, then the penalty shoot-out 4-3 win, also showed resilience is dye-in-the-wood.The 3421 by south Korean women’s football, led by Sun Huaran, 李金玟, Zhao Zhaoxian, lanvolan start, at the same time pool laugh, cui yu li, qiu xiao column, yong-zhou li also got a chance to start, in addition Ren Shan strains, shen 藇 yan, Jin Zhengmei also starts to battle together, offering the 442 and the Philippines, with g saada, bolden, especially, cloth cover jointly led by the starting,At the same time mickelat, Annis, Sofia – Harrison, Randall also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Harry – Long, madalan, Olivia – McDaniel also started together.Just three minutes into the game, South Korea got off to a dream start when Cho Soo-hyun headed home a corner kick from the right and scored 1-0.In the 34th minute, the South Korean team attacked the left side of the front field. The ball holder took the ball and ate the defender into the left side of the penalty area and knocked the ball sideways before sun Huaran, who followed up with a close range shot, made it 2-0.South Korea extended their advantage early.Korea did win, take the lead into the final sword refers to the history’s first Asian cup title, while the other semi-final between women’s football game will be in China and Japan, South Korea is likely to be in the face of the Chinese women’s team in the final, south Korean women’s football with a history of the Chinese women’s team has always been less negative and more, so if the Chinese women’s soccer team to reach the final,Then Maybe the Chinese women’s football team will become the obstacle to the South Korean team again, the South Korean women’s football team hopes to win the title is probably hanging in the air.