Spring walk grass-roots free utilities + work-study stay in school life is very comfortable

2022-05-27 0 By

This Spring Festival, some students of Hunan University of Technology chose to stay in school because of the epidemic. How was their winter vacation?What services does the school provide?Sun Jialong, a junior in college, is from Xi ‘an. His hometown was suspended for one month because of the epidemic.Sun Jialong thought twice and decided to stay in Zhuzhou for the Spring Festival while working part-time.In addition, a number of overseas students also chose to stay on campus for the Spring Festival.Wu Di, from Uzbekistan, said China’s epidemic prevention and control measures are in place and he feels safe here.This Spring Festival, hunan University of Technology has more than 30 students staying on campus, the school exempted them from the water and electricity bills during the stay, and arranged full-time teachers to provide timely help in life, so that they can rest assured and feel comfortable.(Reporter: Luo Jun, Wang Zhichen)