Diagnosis and Preventive measures of Chicken coccidiosis What is the best preventive measure for chicken coccidiosis

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Eimeria giant parasitism in small intestine, mainly in the middle part, has a certain pathogenic effect.Eimeria claviformis parasitized in duodenum and the upper part of small intestine, which has a certain pathogenic effect. When seriously infected, it can cause intestinal wall thickening and intestinal bleeding.Dahlonia best fast treatment of chicken coccidioides, loose feathers disorderly chicken laxity chicken eat material is not long meat.Eimeria mild and Eimeria haeley parasitize in the upper part of the small intestine, with low pathogenicity, and may cause catarrh inflammation of intestinal mucosa.Eimeria precocialis parasitized in the first third of the small intestine, low pathogenicity, generally no visible lesions.Eimeria brucella is parasitic in the back segment of the small intestine, cecum root, has a certain pathogenicity, can cause intestinal punctured bleeding and catarrhal inflammation.Eimeria translocata is parasitic in the small intestine, rectum and cecum, and has a certain degree of virulence. In mild infection, there are single plaques containing oocysts on the serous membrane and mucous membrane of the intestinal tract, and scattered or concentrated spots in severe infection.