“Jing Kang qi shame” 31 31st back to zhang Shen difficult to cure infertility Miss Yi wu recruit husband

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Getting strange shame “DaSong heroes series third Zhu Sheng” getting strange shame “31 31 back to imperial doctor zhang refractory infertility Miss the tournament for husband, one day, zheng SAN niang take women soldiers to a place called the lius ancestral temple village, raise grain have heard that the lining – a famous doctor, specializes in male and female infertility, and zheng SAN niang affected by heart,Xie Hongying, the sister-in-law she married at the same time, is pregnant and going to be a mother.With Lu adults back to shanyin Xu Yuniang, also about to give birth to a baby.He + cent respects elder sister Zheng Xian board of the same clan early a pair of lovely children.According to Sister Fairy branch, it was her own reluctance to give birth, otherwise she would have a lot of children.SAN Niang thinks of from already marry so long time, husband and wife unusual conjugal love, with other people husband and wife same double suishushuangfei, do countless times can give birth to the thing of the child, but until now, the belly that does not make up one’s mind is still empty.I zheng Sanniang love children, but is empty – cavity maternal love.Jianfeng’s family has been passed down for three generations. It depends on me to carry on the xie family’s incense. Your husband is so kind to me that he can’t break the Xie family’s incense on my hand.Zheng sanniang recently selected fifteen soldiers from among the female soldiers to form her personal guard.By guards, she meant training a team of women who could fight alongside her.The oldest of these female soldiers, Aunt Fan, was 19, while the youngest, Zhu Xiaohong, was 14.In fact, they became Zheng Sanniang’s apprentices. They were all strong and good-looking, good materials for martial arts.Whenever she had time, Zheng sanniang taught them kung fu.Fan elder sister-in-law was born in greenwood family, martial arts foundation is very good, and clever, Zheng Sanniang likes her very much, let her be the captain of the guard.Zheng Sanniang put her as bosom sisters, things with her to discuss.Aunt Fan zheng Saniang when the division pu, very loyal to her.Zheng Sanniang told her infertility, aunt Fan’s face is blushed.Aunt Fan blushed and said, “I’m a big girl and I don’t know anything about this.Since there is a doctor here who specializes in infertility, why not ask her to see him and ask his advice?”Sister in the middle of zheng Sanniang’s heart, with aunt Fan found a famous doctor Zhang Jimin.Zheng Sanniang frankly explained the purpose of the visit, please him up the mountain for themselves and her husband to cure this problem of fertility.Doctor Zhang Jimin knew that Zheng Sanniang was the wife of xie Jianfeng, the leader of the rebel army, and he answered, but he had a condition, after making clear of the disease, no matter whether it is cured, must send him down the mountain.Zheng Sanniang readily agreed.She rented a stretcher and had the female soldiers carry Dr. Zhang up the mountain.Dr. Zhang in order to get down as soon as possible, carefully to Xie Jianfeng husband and wife diagnosis, the results found that Xie Jianfeng everything is normal, the problem in Zheng Sanniang body, she is congenital problems, take today’s medical terms, Zheng Sanniang is congenital uterine development is incomplete, unable to conceive.Zhang Doctor to Zheng Sanniang diagnosis is lifelong infertility, but Zheng Sanniang is not believe, pester Doctor Zhang prescribed medicine to eat her, Doctor Zhang can not, had to give her a prescription, she just let aunt Fan zhang doctor sent down the mountain.Zheng Sanniang thanked Dr. Zhang with fifty silver and cried.Zheng Sanniang drank the bitter medicine soup for several months, but it did not work, so she died.She came up with a new idea and decided to marry her husband a second wife.Zheng Sanniang thought, there is no lack of their own women soldiers can have children of beautiful girls, but their martial arts mediocre, identity is not appropriate, she decided to find a can go to war, to assist her husband against gold kill the enemy’s famous young lady, as her husband’s second wife.Zheng Sanniang do things from always is dare to dare to do, and once thought of, will immediately go to do, she and fan sister-in-law disguised as men down the mountain to raise food, secretly looking for miss famous.That day, Zheng Sanniang came to yi home fort, fort Lord Yi Longfei rich, is here the top son of the rich, Zheng Sanniang is going to raise five hundred stone for him.As soon as I entered the fort, I saw the fort is very lively, and a burst of outsiders poured into the fort.Zheng Sanniang was overjoyed when she inquired.Originally, castle Lord Yi Feilong’s only daughter is fighting.People say that Miss Yi is unsurpassed in beauty, martial arts, two days, there have been more than 30 attracted to the young men, are defeated by her hands, today is the third day, attracted to the contest of young warriors than the previous two days.Zheng Sanniang decided to personally see whether this miss Yi really beautiful, she in the end have much high kung fu.Qichun County Zhu Sheng 2022, 2, 4,