Another qingming as feeling!Yueyang Vocational College “Cloud” Burmese soul

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Massachusetts moment yueyang April 1 – (correspondent institute Li Jinxuan) on the tomb sweeping day is coming, for the inheritance of the spirit, advocating environmental protection society fashion martyrs, the full implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work requirements, on April 1, yueyang vocational and technical college organization part of the party member the teachers and students to “2022 · endeavour online offerings heroes” as the theme,Launched “cloud” memorial activities for heroes on the Website of China Heroes.During the activity, people expressed their high respect to the martyrs through online worship, flower baskets, messages and other ways.Party members and teachers also learned about the heroes who died or protected the peace of the motherland by watching videos of their advanced deeds.Or in the revolution, for the establishment of new China shed, shed blood;Or touching stories of people who sacrificed their lives on the front lines in the fight against the epidemic.”The form of cloud memorial to heroes not only meets the needs of epidemic prevention and control, but also reflects the concept of environmental protection. More importantly, through the cloud memorial platform, I know more unknown heroes and predecessors and many heroic stories I have never heard of.”Teaching workers party branch secretary Liu Lu feeling way.”We should cherish the beautiful life that the martyrs have gained with their blood and lives, cherish the patriotism, build up the ambition to serve the country, practice the dream of building a strong country, shoulder the important responsibility of The Times with concrete actions, and pass on the cause and spirit of the revolutionary martyrs.”Go to Japan nursing vocational College (3) 19-2 class student probationary party member Yu Shengyue said.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original