Qinhuangdao and caught 3!Don’t do that!The consequences are serious!

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Drink not to drive, drive not to drink this is a traffic rule that every driver should abide by. However, there are still many people who take chances and even perform “escape plays”, completely ignoring themselves and others. Then they have to pay for their capricious behavior.”This ah, this is destined to be” recently, Qinhuangdao traffic police three brigade on duty police in the Yangtze River road and Emei Mountain road intersection night investigation drunk driving, 21:30 xu, a car license plate number for JI C****8 small car suddenly stopped in the middle of the traffic, dare not move forward.Police immediately came forward to control the car, smell the car has a strong smell of alcohol, suspected of driving drunk.In the face of the police inquiry, the driver frankly admitted that he drank alcohol.The police asked him to take a breath alcohol test, and the test result showed that the driver Qin xx was 82 mg/100ml, which constituted drunk driving. The police then took him to the public security hospital for blood test.According to the driver, after dinner and drinking with his family in a restaurant, he knew not to drink and drive, but he waited for a long time and did not get a taxi.He thought it would be safe to drive back because he was close to home, so he took a chance and set off, only to be caught.Qin so-and-so can not help but sigh: “it is also destined…”.Finally, the man’s blood test result was 88.27 mg/100ml, belonging to drunk driving.According to the Road Traffic Safety Law, Qin will have his driving license revoked and will not be allowed to reapply for the test for five years.At present, the case is under further investigation.At 20 o ‘clock on January 30, 2022, qinhuangdao traffic police three brigade on duty police in the Yangtze River road and Emei Mountain road intersection night check drunk driving, found a license plate ji C****0 car slowly to the traffic police.The police immediately came forward to check, when the man got off that moment, a pungent smell of alcohol in the face.The police realized that the man was suspected of drunk driving, and immediately carried out an breathalyzer test. The result was 93mg/100ml, which was suspected of drunk driving.The man, surnamed Xu, was driving back to his relatives’ home after attending a party near his home. The New Year was coming and he wanted to visit his relatives’ home for a happy New Year, but he was seized by the traffic police on duty here.For drunk driving this result, Xu immediately said, “I am happy New Year immediately home,” begged the traffic police to let him off, because soon to the New Year.His blood test was 96.84 mg/100ml, indicating that he was drunk driving.Finally, the traffic police according to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” relevant provisions, according to the law to revoke Xu’s driving license, investigate its criminal responsibility, 5 years shall not be re-obtained driving license.At 10 o ‘clock on January 6, 2022, police of Qinhuangdao Traffic Police brigade 3 conducted a night investigation of drunk driving near Boyueshan Community.A vehicle travelling from south to north suddenly turned off its headlights as it approached the checkpoint and moved slowly by the side of the road before turning into a supermarket car park.This unusual move caused the police attention, immediately rushed to the supermarket to check.Driver: “Boss, buy a drink.”Police on duty: “the car is yours, please cooperate with an inspection.”Companion driver: “That car is not ours.”In the subsequent communication, the driver’s partner constantly stressed that the vehicle was not theirs and refused to admit the fact that the vehicle was driven under the influence of alcohol.As the police step by step questioning, the driver under inner pressure eventually admitted to drinking after driving behavior.After investigation, the blood alcohol content of Zu was 75mg/100ml, suspected of drunk driving, was sentenced to driving license 12 points, suspended driving license for 6 months, a fine of 1000-2000 yuan.Although it has been said many times, there are always some people who take chances. We must give you a popular knowledge about drunk driving. Since January 1, 2013, the newly revised Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving License (Order 123 of the Ministry of Public Security) has been officially implemented.Drunk driving can be divided into two types: 1. If the alcohol content reaches 20mg/100ml-80mg/100ml, it belongs to drinking driving (drunk driving);2. If the alcohol content reaches or exceeds 80mg/100ml, it is drunk driving (drunk driving).Drunk driving is an illegal act, driving motor vehicles drunk, fined 1000~2000 yuan, 12 points and 6 months of suspension of driver’s license;Driving a trading motor vehicle while drinking alcohol will be fined 5,000 yuan, 12 demerit points, detained for 15 days or less, and prohibited from obtaining a driving license for 5 years.Drunk driving is a criminal act. Drunk driving of a motor vehicle shall have its driver’s license revoked and shall not obtain a new driver’s license within 5 years. Criminal detention and fine shall be imposed upon judgment.Drunk driving operation of motor vehicles, license suspension, 10 years shall not obtain a new license, life shall not drive operation vehicles, criminal detention and fine after sentencing.Please the majority of driver friends to put an end to traffic illegal habits strictly prohibit drunk driving do not have a fluke psychology!To source | comprehensive qinhuangdao traffic police