Peony District Beicheng street: safety production into the community safety knowledge into the heart

2022-05-12 0 By

This net news:(ting-ting gao Zhen-xi wang Li Hongqiao) as to effectively promote the city safe production publicity into the enterprise, into the community, safety knowledge popularization, and effectively guard against resolving major security risk, quality, and continuously improve the safety on February 4, shandong heze peony district beicheng street party secretary zhang qiang, vice secretary of departments, zhang, director of the office,Led the team to the Silver Emperor shopping mall to carry out safety production supervision and inspection work, the main person in charge of the emergency office accompanied the inspection.Secretary Zhang Qiang and his delegation listened to the situation report of the person in charge of production safety of Yindi Shopping mall, visited the safety management center of the shopping mall, and had a detailed understanding of the purchase and use of emergency rescue equipment, fire safety training, and escape routes and knowledge of employees in case of fire.Beicheng street emergency do zhang, director of the high security hidden perils, the scene to enterprise’s production workshop, floor storage warehouse and so on has carried on the inspection, the inspection found the fire extinguisher, fire prevention production between channels, production storage textile product safety problems require companies, such as timely rectification, rectification and timely follow up.At the same time, the enterprise responsible person and safety management personnel must implement the statutory responsibility of safe production, in strict accordance with the “first line three row” work requirements, do a good job of hidden trouble investigation and elimination work, safety commissioner to strengthen supervision, inspection and inspection, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safe production.Beicheng street Party secretary Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party working Committee, director of the office Zhang Lijie, affirmed the achievements of the enterprise in the work of safety in production, and asked the enterprise to deeply draw lessons from the accident, by analogy;Second, to further strengthen supervision, strict requirements in accordance with the law, standardize business behavior;Third, we should regularly carry out self-inspection and self-inspection activities, constantly strengthen management, establish rules and regulations, improve the archives, improve the production environment, enhance safety and health awareness, find problems in time to rectify, constantly eliminate all kinds of safety risks, resolutely curb the occurrence of safety accidents;Fourth, we should strengthen publicity and education, improve employees’ awareness of safety prevention, and consciously abide by the law.On February 4, Zhang Guoqing, director of beicheng Street emergency office in Peony District, Qiu Shouchao led the team into Liuzhuang without uprooting households, face-to-face communication with the masses, for the masses, Director Zhang patiently answered the masses about daily safety of all kinds of problems.Director Zhang, Director Qiu patiently explained to residents with fire, gas, electricity and other daily safety knowledge, the popularization of safety knowledge points.In view of the characteristics of old community houses, narrow spacing, electrical wiring laying disorder, elderly people’s ability to escape and self-rescue is weak.To further enhance the safety awareness of the majority of residents, create a good atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to safety, pays attention to safety all the time and cares about safety everywhere.Effectively improve the area of the residents of the importance of safe production understanding.In the next step, Beicheng Street will always put people’s life safety first, improve the system, strengthen responsibility, strengthen management, strict supervision, put the safety responsibility system into practice, to create a safe and harmonious living environment for residents.