Why to buy a house in datong to be notarized?

2022-05-06 0 By

A lot of people in Datong royal East full money to buy second-hand housing procedures is notarized, so why datong full money to buy a house to do notarization rather than transfer?As the royal east is more than a new residential area, many residential areas handed over less than two years, the red book has not been dealt with, dealing with the house is less than two years.Therefore, in order to avoid high property transaction tax, many home buyers buy second-hand houses in Datong in the way of notarization transaction.What is second-hand housing notarization?Second-hand housing notarization is generally divided into two kinds, one is the sale of notarization, prove that you and the landlord there is a legal relationship between the sale, but the commission of notarization, the landlord will entrust the right to transfer the house to the buyer is trustworthy, such as parents, children and relatives can.When do a house this and transfer when the landlord does not need to come out to cooperate, only need the trustee to take entrust notarial and the relevant information of the house can be dealt with.In this way, the risk of uncooperative landlord procedures can be avoided, and high property transaction tax can be avoided.What documents are needed for notarization?A: sell the house of the house this contract and net sign the contract two: sell the house purchase invoice and receipt three: property owner and spouse’s id card marriage certificate hukou this original four: if there is a loan of the house needs the bank to clear the above four points can not be so how much money does notarization need?Notary cost is clinch a deal according to the house price calculation, as a result of notarization the amount of each house property is different the charge that notarization needs also is different, the cost of notary cost is equal to house property clinch a deal price times thousandths 3.So for a million dollars a notary’s fee is a million times three thousandths which is three thousand.Above is to explain what is notarized and required procedures and fees, notarization has solved the partial full buyers to buy second-hand housing can’t transfer problems, datong, real estate agencies are also “reset action”, this year to the datong also handle room this area to handle, believe in the near future in datong buy secondhand can realize the transfer.